21 gifs to explain the Utah Republican Party’s SB 54 lawsuit

Last week,  Senator Todd Weiler wrote a well thought out post explaining the Utah Republican Party’s SB-54 lawsuit. I thought his post was amazing and informative, and it inspired debates within the Republican Party.

Utah’s politicos seem divided on the issue, which has some party insiders with two separate, yet equally understandable reactions.

First: On the left you have the Republicans Who think they have valid arguments and are going to win the Lawsuit. On the right we see the republican who sees some validity to the arguments but knows they are going to lose.



However, I am a visual person. I need pictures! With that in mind, what might Todd’s points look like in gifs?

1) Judge Nuffer was well prepared and understood the issues. In fact, he allowed the Republican Party’s lawyer, Marcus Mumford, to argue about 85% of the time during a hearing that lasted more than four hours.


2) Judge Nuffer told everyone what he expected…in advance. But the GOP didn’t do it.

dead horse gif


3) Everyone agreed under SB 54 there are multiple paths to the ballot. There are multiple paths to the ballot: As a Registered Political Party (which is Count My Vote in its entirety), as a Qualified Political Party (allows candidates to go through either a caucus/convention process or a signature gathering process – or both!), as an unaffiliated candidate (who would collect signatures) or as a write-in candidate (which amounts to certain death on the ballot a la Bill Freeze).


4) Since SB 54 allows various paths to the ballot, the judge was able to easily distinguish the Party’s complaints about the new law from cases the Party cited from Idaho and California.  In other words, the Party took its best shot and missed.

extra risky


5) Now the Party has lost in court… and lost big time. With the loss, SB 54 will remain in effect for the 2016 election cycle and for the foreseeable future thereafter.

The Judge basically said…. nothing at all no points

And in case those two weren’t clear enough:

You lose

7) Utah Republican Party Chairman James Evans seems to have this reaction.


Which will probably more than likely lead to this:


Which is weird, because the GOP has until September 30th to notify the Lt. Governor of their decision under SB 54.

time running out

But before the hearing, Evans filed a sworn declaration with the court.  He testified: that “I can state with certainty that the party cannot adopt the monumental amendments required … to make it consistent with Senate Bill 54’s requirements in time to meet the deadlines imposed.”

You dont say

While everyone else in political circles can’t seem to comprehend his argument and says:

west wing wrongness

So while Evans is making horrible arguments, it looks like he could be ripe to be picked off as the Utah GOP gets ready to decide whether to elect a new chair or give Evans  a second term…


So, the fact of the matter is, the Utah Republican Party has fumbled and bumbled its way through SB-54, like Happy Gilmore vs. Bob Barker:


But the Utah Republicans seem to have no problem with this. While everyone else in Utah has this reaction.

not listening

I know members of the Republican Party will say


But, from the outside looking in it looks like this…


And since we used UCLA flopping against Utah, it also looks like the party is fighting itself and lashing out after a loss.


Will it make a difference in 2016 and lead to a big Democratic Wave gaining a majority in the Utah Legislature?

thumbs down

Nope. It won’t. But man, it is fun to think about.

wilcox_lick_lipping good

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