Chris Stewart v Luz Robles: Utah’s 2nd Congressional District Debate [Video]

Chris Stewart v Luz Robles: Utah's 2nd Congressional District Debate

It’s Chris Stewart v Luz Robles, folks. In case you missed the debate, we’ve got it for you below.  The Utah First Congressional District met its candidates last week (September 25, 2014). In a debate hosted by the Utah Debate Commission, Republican Rep. Chris Stewart and Democrat State Senator Lus Robles met for an hour to debate on broadcast television. Find the video, as provided by KSL, below.

Separation of Powers 101, or Stormont Wants to Be a Legislator

Capitol at night

Two hundred and fifty years after the US Constitution took Montesquieu’s The Spirit of the Laws seriously and separated the executive, legislative and judicial functions, some still want to be everything. Take for example, Charles Stormont, the Utah Democratic candidate for Attorney General. A Texas transplant to Utah, his campaign platform sounds not unlike someone who wants to impose Texas justice on every policy he can get his hands on. He doesn’t like Utah’s ethics laws, the three ethics committees and processes already in the Attorney General’s office, or the people who…

Senator Mike Lee’s impressive turnaround

Senator Mike Lee

Less than one year ago, the government was shutting down and Utah’s junior Senator was taking heat for it. A lot of heat. A public opinion poll conducted by BYU’s Center for the Study of Elections and Democracy showed Senator at with a 40% approval rate and a 51% disapproval rating or a -11%. Fast forward to yesterday: A new public opinion poll by Dan Jones and Associates for shows Senator Lee now holds a 54% approval rating – a healthy 14 point increase. But, his disapproval rating has also…

Troy Williams: Why does Equality Utah fear their executive director’s past?

Last week, Equality Utah announced that local gay rights activist Troy Williams had been hired as their new executive director. What’s concerning is how Troy seems to be scrubbing his online history to try and bury his controversial past. His personal twitter account has been deleted (Google cache and FavStar highlights) and his personal website on WordPress has been set to invite-only (with a robots.txt to block indexing starting on September 21). His Facebook profile is also locked down to make posts invisible to the public or mutual friends (though, to…