“On Point,” December 18, 2014: Michelle Scharf on Women In Politics

On Point, presented by Sutherland Institute, focuses on the political and policy issues facing Utah, hosted by an all-female panel of Utah’s political insiders. Join Utah’s leading female politicos as they discuss the pressing political and policy issues facing Utah and the nation. This week, Michelle Scharf, a long-time Republican political consultant, with Holly Richardson and Michelle Mumford why women are running, but not winning as often as men. The trio also take look back at the political stories of 2014 and anticipate what the 2015 Utah Legislative Session may hold.

Free Community College Tuition

As an adjunct faculty member at a community college, I might be expect to welcome President Barack Obama’s proposal to make community college tuition-free. I don’t. This is another in a long line of great-sounding, ill-thought-out proposals emanating from the disconnected thinkers in Washington. It is a product of the psychological pathology that afflicts social engineers at every level of government. It springs from the idea that if the intentions behind a program are good, it must be worth doing, especially if it is “for the children.” It is typical…