Color Country Politics Vodcast – Episode 13: This Place is Growing on Me

We’re back for season 2! Hosts Jennie Hendricks and Jesse Harris speak with Cedar City Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Chris McCormick about Vision 2050, a roadmap for how the city can grow over the next several decades. Music by Amoebacrew licensed under Creative Commons: Original image for the logo by The Greater Southwestern Exploration Company licensed under Creative Commons: Twitter: Facebook: YouTube:

Race and Diversity at Utah Colleges

An article in the Salt Lake Tribune of 18 May conveys some good news and a dire warning of future mischief. The article asks “how many women and minorities are faculty at Utah’s universities.” The good news is (tho that is not at all the conclusion of the reporter, or of her sources), again in the words of the article, “no one really knows.” I regard it as profoundly encouraging that, though the Utah Board of Regents, the supervisory body over the state’s eight public institutions of higher learning, has…