Unlocking Utah Politics, Episode 3: Jeff Burningham Part 2

In the second half of my conversation with Jeff Burningham, we discuss the impact of COVID19 on his campaign. With the outbreak of COVID19, Jeff halted the gathering of signatures for the safety of his volunteers. However, he did not have enough signatures to enter the race for governor. Jeff also offers advice for those interested in becoming involved with politics.  

The Utah GOP is asking the right questions

The Utah GOP issued a statement last week supporting the Trump campaign’s decision to pursue charges of voter fraud, noting they “stand firmly” with the President and that his lawyers outlined evidence of what appears to be widespread improprieties in the elections practices in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Nevada. Their statement reads further: “If there is any truth to the concerns about connections between the Dominion voting machines, Smartmatic voting software, and coordinated attempts to interfere with the outcome of the election, it is in our country’s best interest to…