5 reasons I can never, ever vote for Donald Trump

by Beau Sorensen
by Beau Sorensen

I’ve been a Republican for as long as I can remember. I watched 1988 election coverage with a glee that usually is reserved for sporting events. I remember opposing Hillary Clinton’s health care plan to anyone who would listen (and in the case of my classmates, even those who wouldn’t listen). I’ve supported every GOP nominee since Ronald Reagan in 1984 (when I was 5 years old). For the good of the country and of the Republican Party, I cannot support their nominee this year. I am so concerned about what he may do to the country that I may even do what would have been unthinkable to my teenaged self – support Hillary Clinton, arch-liberal and big-governmentist extraordinaire. There are 5 primary reasons why I can’t vote for Donald Trump:

  1. He’s ready to abandon NATO Article V. This is the mutual defense provision that has been the basis for relative peace in Europe for the past 70 years. He recently said that he may not defend the Baltic states in event of a Russian attack. The problem here is that a Russian invasion is relatively plausible – Lithuania is especially problematic because it stands between Russia proper and its exclave of Kaliningrad. What’s even worse is that Trump’s campaign manager has extensive pro-Russian ties.
  2. He can’t focus on things and is extremely narcissistic. While you should always expect a level of narcissism in candidates, Trump has taken it to an extreme level. This narcissism will get him in trouble if Paul Manafort gets caught handing over intel to Russia. Hillary Clinton’s private email server would be nothing compared to that.
  3. He’s vengeful and can take any affront to an extreme. Just imagine the first time that he gets angry with Mexico after the election when they say they won’t pay for his wall. The Mexican-American War II would not be off the table.
  4. He’s completely unpredictable. Whether it’s in the New York Times or The Onion, if you hear Trump’s name attached, you think “yeah, I can see him saying that.”
  5. He’s gone beyond the Tyson Zone. For those who read Bill Simmons, you may remember a concept he created based around how you could read anything about Mike Tyson and believe it happened. Trump has taken that to a new extreme. When I read the New York Times article where Donald Jr asked John Kasich if he wanted to be the most powerful Vice President ever, I believed it. When he said Kasich would be handling both domestic and foreign policy, I believed it. When he said that Trump’s sole job would be “to make America great again,” I really believed it. Even after Donald Jr said he never would have said that, I think that Jr wouldn’t have wanted to say it…but I do believe that his Dad asked him to make that specific offer.

A person who is that unpredictable, and who is willing to throw away everything for the glorification of their massive ego, should never be allowed this close to the Oval Office, no matter who their opponent is.

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