A Labor of Love: Helping Legislative Interns Find the One. #internpickuplines

Rep. Dan McCay gets in on the #internpickuplines meme on March 11, 2014.
Rep. Dan McCay gets in on the #internpickuplines meme on March 11, 2014.
Rep. Dan McCay gets in on the #internpickuplines meme on March 11, 2014.

With just three days to go, those following the Utah Legislature on Twitter Tuesday morning (March 11, 2014) were treated to an explosion of, well, intern pick up lines.

Blame Spencer Nitz, who styles himself the “Official Meme Creator” of the Utah House of Representatives. Observing that the imminent sine die motion in three days was leading to an uptick in intern romance, Nitz provoked a bit of legislative “Dad humor,” as Jesse Harris called it.

And the meme was off and running.

If the response to Nitz’s invitation is at all indicative, “Official Meme Creator” is a title he can keep.


Politicos and Hill watchers weren’t the only ones riffing on the theme. Utah’s fourth estate got a bit of action as well (pun intended):

Leave it to Gehrke to get right down to business.

Meanwhile, a couple of legislators piped up, too. Because, you know, floor debates pale when intern romance is in the air.

Were the interns listening? Apparently, so.

With attention now focused, the official twitter for the House and Senate (which, ironically, are probably the interns themselves) gave their suggested lines, as did Kirstin Frank, a Senate staffer and (true?) Aggie.

Some were less original…

…and others were down right racy.

It took a while, but the interns finally joined in, showing a more subtle and demure side than their much older, and perhaps more cynical, political mentors.

In the end, though, they probably all boil down to this:


Good luck, interns!

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