A look at the race for Utah County Attorney, 2018

by John Mulholland

With the current Utah county attorney not seeking another term, the field is open between Chad Grunander and David Leavitt.

Chad Grunander


Chad has been at the Utah County Attorney’s office for fourteen years and has held all of the positions except working with juveniles. He has supervised and is now criminal division chief in the office.

The most famous case he has worked on was the Pleasant Grove doctor that murdered his wife. The trial was broadcast life and it was even on the Nancy Grace show. Beyond that case, the office handles 3000 felonies a year with 25, soon to be 28, criminal prosecutors. With the growth he expects the load to increase. They are currently working 14 homicides. 11 of which are either murder or aggravated murder.

He is concerned about the opioid epidemic and says that there are two overdoses a day in Utah. He hopes that drug court, along with UCAP. He wants to establish strong ties with local legislators. He was impressed that Mike McKell was able to get a bill through quickly after an 18-year-old man helped a 16-year-old girl kill herself.


David Leavitt

David is self-employed with the Leavitt Institute for International Development. They send attorneys to eastern Europe to teach law students how to have a better system. Originally he was sent over by the American Bar Association to teach judges but soon realized that you can’t change a system through existing power structures.

David has worked as an attorney for 27 years. He was the Juab County public defender and helped Fillmore rewrite their ordinances. He was the Juab County attorney from 95-03 and prosecuted Tom Green, which set legal precedent on polygamy.

Spending so much time in Ukraine and seeing the Orange revolution has caused him to look at what is happening in Utah County. He thinks that it is time to break up the existing power structure in the county attorney’s office and bring somebody in from the outside. He feels that the county needs to focus more on the civil side instead of just having a deputy do everything. He also things that the county attorney needs to oversee felonies more as well. This doesn’t mean doing all the work but at least signing off on things. He also wants to make more information available on the website.

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