A look at the race for Utah County Clerk/Auditor 2018

by John Mulholland

There has been some controversy in the clerk/auditor office over incorrect ballots being sent out. Bryan is running for a fourth tell with Amelia challenging him.

Amelia Powers



Amelia Powers loves process. She has lived and worked both in the US and Canada for Caterpillar. This included 3 years of continuous process improvements and then as a field rep and helping dealers become more efficient. She is Six Sigma certified. When given the choice between Seattle and Illinois, she chose to leave Caterpillar and come back to Utah to consult small and medium businesses, evaluating their processes.

Amelia Powers

Amelia explained that the Clerk/Auditor office has $2.5 million in expenditures, not including employees, and deals with a lot of processes. She wants to work to make it more modern and scalable to accommodate the massive growth we are expecting. She sees a lot of opportunity to both increase efficiency and to automate. The longer you wait, the more expensive it will be to do.

She sees a lot of process problems with elections and wants to work on improving the experience for voters to get more out to vote, perhaps even finding small ways to experiment. She said that the county website isn’t very good and only the state candidate manual was online. You can’t fill out forms online and there are too many mistakes. Silicon Slopes needs a better face.

She served as the volunteer officer under Casey Voeks and two terms on the state central committee, along with being a delegate. She has served two terms, 2013-2017, on the SCC and chose not to seek a third term.

Bryan Thompson


Bryan Thompson has served as the clerk/auditor for 3 terms now, 12 years, and is hoping for a fourth. He said that there is a very high learning curve and that the job is more administrative and you don’t set policy.

Bryan Thompson

Bryan said that the county commission was not willing to fund vote by mail, which has since changed. The cities want to do it. Bryan pointed to a new law by that requires some physical stations to be kept open, which increases the expense. He also mentioned that there were 20,000 undeliverable ballots last time and that the post office cannot forward them to new addresses.

Bryan discussed the problem with Cedar Hills and the boundaries back in 2010. He said that the State AGRC drew the lines incorrectly from the 2000 census, when he wasn’t even in office. Some have criticized him for not finding the error and correcting it. Craig Frank, then in the legislature, found the error and had to resign as he did not live within the boundaries of the district he represented.

Bryan said his biggest accomplishment was working with the resources he has. He has presented a balanced budget for 11 years with no tax increases.

Steve Hemingway

Despite attempting to reach him, Steve did not respond to a request for an interview.


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