A nation divided

By David Rogers
By David Rogers

“I would feel deeply frustrated [about welcoming Trump to the White House] not because of anything he’s said about me, but because I would fear for the future of our country.” – President Barack Obama

“You know, to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the ‘basket of deplorables‘. Right? The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic — you name it. And unfortunately there are people like that. And he has lifted them up.” – Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton

The 2016 Election is over, but the results of years of leftist policy and overheated rhetoric are only beginning to bear fruit. Eight years ago when President-Elect Barack Obama promised a “fundamental transformation” of America, it was not then known that he meant a Marxist division of the country along racial and economic lines, all while mainstream pundits applauded. As we hold our breath over the next two months, hoping for a peaceful transition into a Trump presidency, we are witnessing a nation divided in an unprecedented manner.

As protestors take to the streets in major cities, many of them funded by foreign interest dollars from George Soros and others of his ilk, the feelings of unrest after the election are not fading. Few can argue that this election was one of the most contentious in history, with personal attacks far exceeding any discussion of real policy. In chapels and around water coolers across Utah, people are locked in contentious discussion about the outcome of this election. But like it or not the electorate has spoken, and the answer is Trump. Regardless of personal feelings, it is time to try and reunite America. And thus far, Trump has made some salient moves.

Unfortunately, what has come into clear focus through the election process and afterward is the specific “divide and conquer” attitudes and policies that have defined the last eight years of Obama’s tenure being acted out by disaffected masses. As the first multi-racial president in American history, Obama had the opportunity to unite the country in ways no president before him ever could. As part rock star and part politician, he had unlimited occasion to heal many rifts that have festered over decades and centuries and put the final nails in the coffin of social and racial division.

Instead, he has promoted an attitude and rhetoric that has just the opposite effect. The examples are numerous: criticizing law enforcement and advancing a false narrative of racist police policy; allowing incidents like the Trayvon Martin or Michael Browns death to be framed as racial crimes; refusing to call Islamic radicals terrorists; advancing social engineering rhetoric of white privilege and income inequality; blaming gun laws for gun crimes instead of the perpetrators themselves; apologizing for America overseas and refuting the historical view of American exceptionalism. The list goes on and on.

And even worse is the lawless manner in which the Obama administration failed to enforce those laws that disagreed with his world view. Legalize marijuana in opposition to federal law? No problem there. Fail to enforce borders and waves of illegal immigration? His White House will not be racists. Rail on average citizens in Flyover Nation for “clinging to God and guns”? Bow to the applause from coastal elites. Bash the wealthiest one percenters for income inequality and “not paying their fair share” (even though the top 1% of wage earners pay over 45% of all income tax). Cue the fawning social justice warriors. Demand transgender bathrooms in all of our public schools, despite the overwhelming majority of opposition based on common sense and cost? Play the homophobe card forthwith. Numerous executive orders that flaunt the constitutionality of the Office? Nothing to see here and blame past presidents for doing the same.

In short, Obama has done more in eight years to divide the nation than the last century’s efforts to heal the nation. And Hillary Clinton was hot on his heels to perpetuate and expand an unruly regime and advance every cause that would rally the people around her cures for the manufactured social ills that plague a divided America. And that really is the name of the game, isn’t it?

And what is worse a corrupt media, with their own biases clearly exposed during the election, is now doubling down to keep the qualms of potential Trump doom at the forefront of the conversation. And the uninformed minions continue to devour the media junk food. It will be difficult to reunite a nation when the television spews leftist propaganda in lieu of any real objective reporting. The average citizen is uninformed as it is, and to place what little information they may pay attention to into the purview of inflammatory propaganda borders on criminal. It was not a “whitelash” that brought us a Trump presidency, as Van Jones so virulently stated, it was more likely an exhausted public reaction to a corrupt and divisive political elite advancing continuously harmful policy fueled by an equally corrupt and complicit mainstream media and press.

Eight years of an Obama presidency have taken the process of creating problems through increasing division and compartmentalization of the people, then proffering solutions via more government, to an art form. Only this time, it is combined with the collectivist strategy of creating ghosts and villains where there may actually be none. The goal is through rhetoric, manipulation, and exploitation of isolated incidents to create the vision of a problematic society. And, of course, Washington and additional bureaucracy hold the only cure to such ills. This is the quickest strategy to move a country into the arms of an elite-driven socialist state, pure and simple.

And now we see the reaction to a Trump election that echoes this breakdown in civility and lawfulness. Calls to eliminate the Electoral College. Demonstrators chanting “not my President” as they vandalize and disrupt city streets. Broadway actors lecturing a Vice President-Elect on social justice from the stage. Employees being fired for supporting Trump on their personal social media. The divisiveness will only increase as Obama programmed leftist now utilize the perfect scapegoat – a Trump presidency – to vent their imagined frustrations. Trump will remain the villain as long as he opposes the left’s agenda. Expect Obama and Clinton to lead the cheer against his perceived injustices.

And it seems the labels Clinton irresponsibly threw out in her “deplorables” speech are sticking. Do not expect such inflammatory labeling to cease anytime soon. To many ill-informed Americans, the rhetoric has taken on the aura of truth. Already the media forwards insinuations that Trump cabinet members are also racists or some other form of socially unacceptable human. And this before the first act or policy is undertaken by a new administration. Such overblown mistrust creates a dangerous and volatile situation. And we hear little from the current powers seeking to assuage the masses. Continued unrest is not a prescription for an already ailing nation.

President Lincoln rightfully stated that a house divided against itself cannot stand. Whatever sense of injustice this election has created in the minds of our citizens, the new president and his cabinet deserve a chance to lead. If the left values their ever more invasive socialist agenda over the long term welfare of America, our divided house may crumble. And while fingers are being pointed and Obama acolytes project their own biases on the new administration, it will become increasingly clear where the blame may be put for such disintegration. And it cannot be legitimately thrown in the lap of Donald Trump when he has yet to have an opportunity to lead. Trump may be used as the scapegoat of the left, but it is years of Obama and Clinton malfeasance that has brought us deepening trouble.

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