A Plea to Congressman Curtis

“Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom” – Benjamin Franklin

By David Rogers

Dear Sir,

I write as a concerned constituent and believe I speak for many Utahans when I sincerely inquire after the state of our current representative governance. The Coronavirus phenomenon has clearly become a politicized boondoggle and I perceive flawed analysis of the problem and little critical inquiry into the proposed solutions. I must ask: where is our principled leadership?

In your town halls, in our governor’s responses and elsewhere I hear the concern for our citizenry’s well-being and that is appreciated. No one doubts this is a vicious bug. What I do not hear is a searching and critical investigation of how we got to where we are and a less detrimental proposal to resolve the madness that has ensued. I also do not hear any resistance to the devastating “solutions” to this crisis everyone seems to accept as a necessary status quo.

Why have we accepted figures from China, Iran, and Europe that do not seem to be replicable here? Why do we just take Dr. Fauci and the CDC’s word on everything when expert predictions, so-called, are proving to be highly inaccurate? Why do we believe that a one-size-fits-all quarantine is the only possible method to present catastrophe? Why do we accept Stasi like police state tactics that flaunt our constitutional rights in some cities, counties and states? Why do we sit idly by while the left and our press push inaccurate, divisive and fear-inducing rhetoric that helps no one? Why do the press and many doctors criticize the obvious therapeutic benefits of hydroxychloroquine? And most concerning, why do we believe that throwing repeated, pork-filled bills with unprecedented amounts of spending will change anything for the better long term? We can see the company line here, and it is lacking.

It is becoming very clear that the prescriptions for this epidemic are going to be far worse than the contagion itself. We are on the verge of creating a full-blown depression with twenty-five to thirty percent unemployment or worse. We are destroying small businesses, the heart of the Utah economy, and leveraging our future for an immediate fix to a problem we still have not fully analyzed. The CDC and WHO are obviously politicized, and their agenda (which remains unproven on its face) shows no remorse for the implosion of the U.S economy. When Dr. Fauci or Ezekiel Emanuel says we may need to remain shut down for eighteen months until this passes, they discard all coherent credibility. That is severely troubling, yet many accept this as a necessary reality.

As a small business owner, I do not know one fellow entrepreneur that is not wondering how they will survive. Even if and when this crisis does resolve itself we will emerge into a much different world. We cannot just sit on our hands and watch generations of effort be discarded to stem this temporary pandemic. Other countries, notably Sweden, Austria, and Brazil, have re-opened for business and seem to be suffering no more than we are. A more rational approach, such as allowing choice for businesses to remain open while those who feel a need to isolate are allowed to without consequence, should be on the table. Why such continued draconian mandates when the costs could be so catastrophic?

Our debt structure is the largest concern beyond the impact to people’s homes and businesses. As usual, Pelosi and the House Democrats have served up a disgusting, overloaded two trillion dollar stimulus bill and now say that is “only the first stage”. No one has objected to shoveling absurd spending agendas into a bill that should be used only to bridge a crisis. At the current pace, we will emerge from this with thirty trillion in debt, our economy reeling and our currency inflating out of sight. To me, that would take a much dearer toll on individuals, families, and communities than this virus ever could.

So where is our leadership? Who will be the modern-day Franklin, Jefferson or Madison that takes a stand and declares this situation politically unsustainable and socially immoral? We cannot trade our entire future, including our liberties, for a quick fix in the present. But that seems to be exactly what we are doing. Will you sir, along with like-minded colleagues, have the courage to take a stand and say “enough is enough”? I will join in fasting and prayer this Friday. Mainly, I will petition the heavens to grant us the principled leadership through proper and rational analysis that we deserve.

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