A swing and a Mitts

“POTUS is attacked and obstructed by the MSM media and Democrats 24/7. For an incoming Republican freshman senator to attack @realdonaldtrump as their first act feeds into what the Democrats and media want and is disappointing and unproductive.” Ronna McDaniel, RNC Chairperson and niece of Mitt Romney.

By David Rogers

While driving home last week Ben Ferguson, subbing for Mark Levin on XM radio, blasted newly elected Senator Mitt Romney for an ill-advised Washington Post Op-ed in which he attacked the character of President Trump. As Ferguson shared details he then called Romney a “slimy, useful idiot for the left”. I had to hang my head as I had no valid counterargument to Ferguson’s accusations. Many more commentators proceeded to universally pan Romney, including much-respected personalities such as Dan Bongino and Sean Hannity.

I was proud to vote for Romney this November, despite his occasional departures from what I would consider true conservatism. It is apparent that this latest episode, which has been dominating headlines for five days or more, has to be more than just Mitt popping off. He is not the type to just randomly bloviate, which seems to be a habit of Trump’s many refer to as “not rising to the mantle of the office. “

Romney makes reference to some of Trump’s accomplishments but blasts him for character, military, and foreign affairs issues. Perhaps the real question is: ”Did we elect a conservative or an Establishment wannabe seeking a seat at the table?”  That seems to be the play here. Yet here is something to consider: the Establishment table and those institutions that Romney lists as “vital despite their shortcomings” may not really be the table he should seek a seat at.

No matter what Trump does he will be relentlessly attacked by the left and RINOs. Why? Because he sees, as many of us now do, that many within these so-called institutions are hell-bent on destroying our traditional Constitutional Republic and her ideals. There is a Socialist transition underway in this country. It has been happening quietly for years. This shift seeks to undermine our traditional sovereignty and pull us into the orbit of a more “enlightened” international governing order. Condemnation of sympathetic foreign leaders such as Merkel and Macron is appropriate given their alliance to this agenda. Both parties domestically are corrupted by the specter of greater government control.

Trump has forced this conflict into the open in hopes of opening eyes and changing public opinion on what is actually happening to America’s wealth, jobs and much of our sovereignty, which has been outsourced to foreign interests for decades. Foreign interests that have little stake in the life and liberty we hold dear. Trump seeks to reverse this suffocating trend and restore America’s right to self-determination. But he faces an army of bought and paid for elitists deeply entrenched in all of our institutions, public and private.

If there is to ever be true change, a reversal, of course, that will stem the bleeding of this country before America as we know it expires, it must be done quickly and soundly. Soft-spoken, diplomatic and acquiescent politics has only allowed determined leftists to advance this agenda almost unchecked for thirty years. It is time to make a stand. Romney may want to seriously consider who he is standing with.

Romney may want to remember his seeking Trump’s endorsement in his own campaigns, both in 2012 and 2018 or his aspirations for a position in Trump’s cabinet. He may want to remember the very press that is praising his “wise” condemnation of Trump is the same press that skewered him in 2012 (remember high school bullying and the 47% tape). They will crucify him again the minute he opposes the progressive policy. There is no satisfaction when one “sleeps with the enemy”. And make no mistake, the majority of our press is indeed adversarial to any conservative agenda.

For America to survive as an economically viable Republic, serious change must happen. Trump has barely scratched the surface. One prominent CEO recently stated in relation to Trump’s leadership “Sometimes in order to solve a problem you need Mother Theresa; sometimes you need Dirty Harry”.

I submit to Senator Romney and anyone else concerned with the sustainability of our country that we need a little Dirty Harry right now. The leftist radicals that are now occupying legislative offices and bureaucratic positions throughout Washington will not hesitate to use any method, vicious or profane, to advance this Socialist agenda. The right has provided a little counterbalance in decades past.

The RNC Chair, Romney’s own niece, condemned his rhetoric as “disappointing and unproductive”. I must sadly agree. Trump will never be the smooth diplomat Reagan was. But he does possess the necessary killer instinct to confront the corruption and deceptive pomposity that plagues Washington and those seeking to elevate globalism, a trait noticeably lacking in Romney’s presidential run. Romney should focus on issues and policy while refraining from any personal attacks. He will separate himself from fawning elitists, preserve his own flagging credibility and more fairly represent his constituency if he does.


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