Recently, we had two gentlemen who have been in the Utah media a bit recently on the Salt City Throwdown Podcast.

Robert GehrkeFirst:  in our fourth episode, we had Salt Lake Tribune Reporter Robert Gehrke on the Salt City Throwdown. He came in studio and sat with us for the better part of two hours where we built a timeline and discussed some of the information about John Swallow and his short-lived Administration.

The two-hour episode highlights the John Swallow scandal, and builds out a simple, concise timeline.

Later:  Mark Shurtleff  came on to Salt City Throwdown in another episode.

You won’t believe what he said…

No, but seriously. We didn’t talk about the recent legal issues he is facing, but we did talk over a number of topics that he dealt with throughout his administration as Utah Attorney General. It was a fascinating two hours.

These interviews are interesting because they gave some insight into both the media (through Robert Gehrke) perspective, as well as the now charged Mark Shurtleff perspective.

Happy listening!

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