About the Hub

When it comes to federal, state or local politics, Utah Politico Hub (“the Hub”) is the place for Utah’s politicos to examine, discuss, analyze, share, opine, gossip, and generally talk shop.

The Hub is not a news organization, per se. Rather than operating as one entity–as, say, other local news/opinion/politics type sites and companies–the Hub is a collective effort, a collaboration if you will, of local writers with an interest in politics.

For that reason, we welcome your contributions to the content on the site. Before submitting to the Hub, please read our Editorial and Submission Guidelines. 

The content you write and publish under your name remains yours.  

Who is Involved?

  • Daniel Burton. Daniel blogs at Publius Online, focusing on Utah politics, books, and other ancillary topics.  At Publius, it’s all about the strength of the argument and keeping the debate civil.
  • Holly Richardson. Holly is a common-sense conservative who has been active in Utah politics for 13 years.  Her blog, Holly on the Hill is a go-to spot for breaking political news and insider insights.  Holly’s a popular speaker, and she is well-respected as an effective leader and strong advocate both on and off Utah’s Capitol Hill.
  • Curt Bentley.  Curt is a local attorney who blogs Utah politics with a legal focus at Utah Political Summary.
  • Shon Harris.  Shon is a local information technology professional, and an amateur political wonk. Focusing on higher education, government IT policy, network and device level security. He has spoken at several conferences regarding “hacking” and systems security. Shon is also the co-host and executive producer of the Salt City Throwdown Podcast, where he and his co-host Adam Andrews explore the news from Utah, and pop-culture politics.
  • John English. John has begat five children, adopted six more, and fostered still more beyond that. He works in production control, but he’s also worked on some Utah GOP campaigns. He writes about the Utah Jazz at TornBySports and movies at FlickSided.
  • Jesse Harris. Jesse Harris is the author and creator of CoolestFamilyEver, where his wife occasionally contributes, and FreeUTOPIA, a blog on municipal broadband run on his own dime. He lives in White City Township, an unincorporated part of Salt Lake County surrounded by Sandy, and does support for security software. In his spare time, he’s also working on a couple of startup companies and has been a participant in various Startup Weekend projects.
  • Stan Lockhart.
  • …And YOUInterested in joining our band of bloggers, writers, and independent contributors or as a partner organization or blog?

What About Me?

Are you a writer, blogger, activist, politician, neighbor, lobbyist, voter, student, journalist, or just an average Joe? Whether you’re average or anything but, we want you to join us:

  • Got an opinion you can write in five hundred words or less? A piece of news that you think is important?
  • Do you have a blog that would like to affiliate with the Utah Politico Hub project?
  • Sign up for the Daily Dose, a podcast produced in cooperation with the Salt City Throwdown. Get an update on all the politics that matter in less time than your daily commute.
  • Join the conversation and let us know what matters to you, and why.
  • Get your friends and family involved by sharing what interests you and inviting them to get into the conversation.

If any of this interests you, shoot us a message at UtahPoliticoHub@gmail.com.