All- American Trump

By David Rogers

I am allergic to a few things. At the top of the list is weed-born pollen. Aggravates me to no end in the spring. Equally noxious are ill-informed, anti-Trump protagonists. In Harry Caines’ recent article he reverts to over-the-top hyperbole when he claims anyone that still supports Trump is “an enemy of the United States” after the revelation of Don Junior’s meeting with a Russian lawyer. I have to call Bull-puckey on that one. Such deluded, out-of-touch rhetoric is just offensive. Trump is, by most historical measures, about as American as it gets. Allow me to elaborate.

I am an American, a John Wayne/Jimmy Stewart/Audie Murphy kind of American. I have lived in sixteen cities in twelve states across America, Midwest, Deep South, Northeast, Inter-Mountain West, lived in all of them. I have seen the great and the difficult in this country. And I love it like none other. I have spent significant time in Europe, Central America, Taiwan, China, Japan and Australia. I speak reasonable German and very good Mandarin. I can attest that there is no other land like America. The Book of Mormon is correct in labeling this land as “The Promised Land.”

I also grew up around numerous Trump-like characters. My father was the CEO of a major corporation. I have numerous family, acquaintances, and friends who have achieved significant milestones in business and in their communities. I was ascending those ranks myself until the recession in 2008 put a kink in my plans. I have associated with such Trump-like personalities since my youth, and they influenced me with their worldview in my formative years. I absorbed all I could from these unique opportunities and can dissect the genius and shortcomings in these leader’s experiences and viewpoints succinctly. Such people, often the most powerful and successful in their communities, have several things in common.

They are focused and determined and they tell it to you straight. They know how to win when the chips are down. They are extremely tough, but they are fair and will never support a bad deal; they stand by their word and their commitments. They are exceptionally competitive and very tough on anyone that seeks to stand in the way of their goals and outcomes. They do not ask much from their government other than to keep our country safe and stay out of their business. They hate petty bureaucrats, incompetence, and nonsense that interfere with reasonable commerce and detract from achievement. They believe every person deserves a fair shake to prove themselves, regardless of race, gender or otherwise. They are intolerant of loafers, dimwits, and people who believe life owes them something. They love their family, they usually love God and they love the freedoms that America gives them to work hard and prosper by their own hand. They are often labeled “Old School”. They are not universally loved, which is a shame because their legacy has benefited many of their harshest critics.

It is just such people that created great business and commerce in this country and the prosperous institutions these activities have left us. They created jobs and elevated the middle class in America. They led with vision and gave innumerable people a chance to build a better life by contributing to such endeavors. They are the fire that propels the engine of the free market that has defined America for centuries.

Unfortunately, their numbers are dwindling. They are being displaced by a generation brainwashed in the alternative realities preached by Cultural Marxists. They are being succeeded not by a new breed of hard-working pioneers and visionaries, but by a fragile youth crippled by college educators and widespread media that denounce America and Americanism. Trump’s generation faces young people and unprincipled liberals, unschooled or ignorant of the harsh realities of the real world, who believe that the very bureaucrats the Trumps of the world despise are somehow going to guarantee their future. These impressionable fools are told their predecessors, men like Trump, were racist, misogynist, xenophobic monsters. I am here to tell you that is simply not true.

And Trump is a quintessential example of those Americans that have built this country. He is a gruff, unapologetic, New York City version of these aging business heroes, but a decent example nonetheless. He left behind a monumentally prosperous empire and went to Washington to fix a problem. That problem threatens not only his own business legacy but the lives of our and his children and grandchildren. Sure, there is some ego satisfaction to his view that he may be the man to save America if America can be saved at all. But he has specific goals in mind. Reduced regulation, re-establishment of military strength, a projection of power in foreign policy, resurrecting the dollar, securing the border and cleaning the Washington Swamp of waste and special interests. Most lucid Americans can comprehend such goals.

These goals can be achieved, at least in part, if Trump gets a little help. Unfortunately, it looks like he has few allies when it comes to stemming the gravy train Washington Elites have been feeding off of for decades. He is besieged on all sides. Who can he trust to assist with such a task? He is still learning of the monumental undertaking any such change would involve and how fickle the allegiances of establishment insiders may be (the recent ousting of Priebus is but one example of helpful house cleaning).

But I see a little diminishment of determination on his part. It is an ugly job and he will have to get a lot tougher if he is to ever get serious change implemented. And frankly, I do not see how a lesser personality (read determined to proceed at any cost amidst overwhelming criticism) could ever accomplish much of anything resembling change. Remove Trump and put Pence in and watch the waters calm as Washington returns to business as usual, which would all but guarantee the inevitable financial collapse of America within a few years.

Do I care that Don Jr. took a meeting with a Russian lawyer who claimed to have dirt on Hillary? Not at all. Understanding the depth of Clinton corruption (and it is truly historic if you look into it), I would not care if Martians landed with some firm evidence that could corral the Clintons. They have slipped through the fingers of justice for much too long in my opinion. An orange jumpsuit would fit them well (Two words we should all know – Uranium One). And by the way, how was that Russian lawyer in the U.S on a special visa granted directly by Loretta Lynch? Certainly, there could be no Hillary related intrigue there, eh?

Mr. Caines states that Trump “capitulates to Russia” in his piece. Funny, I cannot think of one specific example of capitulation. Perhaps launching missiles into Syria counts as capitulation. He labels Trump supporters as “Trumpkins” inferring anyone who could support the Trump agenda is an ignorant bumpkin. Well, this Trump supporter sees such a perspective as influenced by the wrong segments of our corrupt media. As if CNN broadcasts real “news”. What a joke. And I am one solid American who will still pray Trump may somehow, miraculously be able to introduce reform into a corrupt and crumbling D.C. Establishment.

Just like Joseph Smith almost two centuries ago, critics have a hard time debating the actual policies or principles of the man. They must attack his character when he has them on the facts. And those attacks are always a conflagration of twisted facts, half-truths, and outright falsehoods. What Trump claims he wants to do is solid on policy and principle. Russians do not own Trump. He is his own man, beholden to none of the usual foreign interests or money suckers in Washington, like it or not. And it is interesting that the loudest complaints are coming from those sources that tremble to think Trump might yank them of the Washington money teat at any point in the near future. This is not a coincidence.

The realities behind Trump’s goals as President, at least those he has stated, are all in the plus column if America is to get back on her feet. He is one of those guys that seems to want to remove government as much as possible from our daily affairs. A tall order among the bloated, taxpayer fed, bureaucratic monolith the Federal government has become. If he cannot reverse decades of special interest abuse, runaway spending, and institutionalized corruption, we are in big, big trouble. I will support President Trump as long as I see he is truly trying to make those changes. The man is far from perfect, but I get him. I have a lifetime of experience in understanding his type, and they are the real Americans. And like it or not, it is men like him that built this country from the ground up. Now it remains to be seen if he can save what his generation has given us, before the next generation or two of delusional, protesting leftists knock it all down.

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