Alliance for a Better UTAH calls out Speaker Hughes for red herring on Healthy Utah [UPH Wire]


Josh Kanter
Founder & Board President, Alliance for a Better Utah

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Friday, May 29, 2015

*Better UTAH calls out Speaker Hughes for red herring on Healthy Utah*

In an interview with Utah Policy, Speaker Hughes is reported to have said
that the “Gang of Six” is making progress “but it all hinges on what the
Supreme Court does next month.” In response, Better UTAH Founder and Board
President, Josh Kanter, issued the following statement:

“Speaker Hughes has again thrown out a red herring to justify more inaction
and delays by the Legislature. There are 123,000 Utahns who need access to
the healthcare system and would get that access through Governor Herbert’s
Healthy Utah Plan. The Supreme Court is ruling on a narrow question that
impacts those states that are using the website as their
state health insurance exchange – that case has nothing to do with the
underlying decision to provide Medicaid or health insurance to the poor.
The Supreme Court already ruled on the constitutionality of the Affordable
Care Act and the Supreme Court’s decision in this case will likely have no
impact on the Governor’s proposal.

Upon their return from Washington, the Gang of Six, including Speaker
Hughes, committed to good faith negotiations with the Governor for the
benefit of Utahns who have been denied access to the healthcare system for
over three years due to the inaction of the Legislature. The Alliance for a
Better UTAH calls on Speaker Hughes to use his leadership position to lead
us to a solution, not to lead us to further delay and inaction.”


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