Alliance for a Better UTAH Press Statement regarding future of Healthy Utah [UPH Wire]

Josh Kanter
Founder, Board President, Alliance for a Better UTAH
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Wednesday, April 29, 2015

*Alliance for a Better UTAH issues statement on future of Healthy Utah*

After meeting with Secretary Burwell, Governor Herbert, Speaker Hughes, and President Niederhauser announced they needed to continue working on Utah’s revised plan to expand Medicaid. Over the past year, the Governor has worked diligently to craft an elegant Utah solution, Healthy Utah, which is widely supported by the public, faith community, business community, and healthcare industry – its opponents seem to reside almost exclusively in the legislature. In response to the today’s press conference, Josh Kanter, Board President of Better UTAH said,

“Given its wide margin of support, no compromises to Healthy Utah, which is itself already a compromise, should be made in private, closed door meetings. This issue affects too many people for decisions to be made by a small group that excludes the rest of the Legislature, the Democrats, the public and the media alike.

“Utahns have the right to hold their legislators accountable for their positions and votes on the matters that come before them. If closed door meetings are being used to circumvent this accountability, it raises serious concerns.

“It is time our leaders put politics and grandstanding aside and do what is fiscally and morally responsible to support those in need. ”


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