Alligator Alley, D.C

“Republicans Senators are working hard to get their failed ObamaCare replacement approved. I will be at my desk, pen in hand!”

“I am sitting in the Oval Office with a pen in hand, waiting for our senators to give it to me.” – President Trump, last two weeks of July 2017.

By David Rogers

When Donald Trump was elected, one of his major campaign promises was to “drain the swamp”. This is proving to be problematic as almost everyone he seems to put in a position to assist with his agenda turns out to be an alligator Many are alligators pretending to be something else. But in the end, the alligators will always reveal themselves when they strive to keep their swamp just the way it is. The last month or two of activity reveals Trump is serious about his agenda, and the bulk of Washington Elites are not happy. Just ask Reince Priebus as the door hit him on the way out last Friday. One less alligator to worry about, but what of all the rest?

I have commented previously that if Trump is serious about his agenda, the Washington Establishment will have only two choices, co-opt him or get rid of him. It looks as if, through events of the last few weeks, that co-opting him is not progressing well. Trump remains as steadfast a Maverick as ever and seems determined to forward an aggressive agenda of change. The Democrats are moving forward with Special Investigator Mueller to find any reason for impeachment. The inside word is that there are plenty of Republicans who are quietly assisting in that effort. If Democrats pick up majorities in the 2018 interim elections, any guess as to their first order of business? Democrats are already forwarding the dialog in their lapdog media that Trump is “unbalanced” and “mentally incompetent”.

And to make matters worse, a majority Republican Congress cannot even seem to get started on any serious legislation regarding health care reform (much less even discussing such subjects as tax reform or a balanced budget). Trump’s position that he has pen in hand and is waiting for a coherent health care reform bill to sign seems not to sway Republicans much. And these are the same Republicans that put forward 61 repeal bills when Obama was President. Talk about political theater! These same Republicans that begged for majorities in the Senate, and then for the White House are falling flat now that voters have given them everything they asked for. How can they possibly justify their existence in light of such ongoing incompetence?

Right Wing Commentator Dave Hodges has produced several programs and articles outlining the only rational course of action to save the country is to vote out every incumbent in 2018. Andrew Wilkow stated on his XM Radio show that he is convinced that the Republican Party (at least on a national level) is now officially the Republican arm of the Democrat Party. Normally I would scoff at such overcooked hyperbole. But as we watch events progress, and observe any part of altering business as usual in Washington stymied from every side, these normally fringe opinions are starting to sound rational. Maybe keep Mike Lee, Rand Paul, and Trey Gowdy and flush the rest. Can anyone rationally wonder how complete fruitcakes like Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and Maxine Waters keep getting re-elected?

If you ignore the propaganda mainstream media and examine Trump’s agenda objectively, it is easy to see that at least in principle he is trying to steer our ship of state in a more conservative and fiscally responsible direction. That essentially means he is trying to reduce the role of government intrusion into our everyday lives. He wants to reduce regulation, reform health care, reduce taxes and knock politically correct nonsense out of the national dialog (i.e. having cash-strapped military pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for soldiers to receive sex change operations or instructing Border Agents to ignore a daily deluge of illegal immigrants crossing into the country). He is trying to restore some semblance of sanity to Washington. The question remains hanging in the air: Can he actually get anything major done? With both sides of the aisle and your own cabinet fighting any such agenda, it is certainly an uphill battle. It is tough to drain a swamp when you have a shovel and the rest of the alligators are pushing muck and quicksand right back in with a bulldozer.

While Trump is far from perfect and there are still many special interests and issues he is either ignoring or not up to speed on yet, he is at least trying to inject some rationality back into Washington. Unfortunately, he has revealed that alligators are prevalent on both sides of the aisle. All of the attacks on Trump from every point of the compass, the made up nonsense in the press, the internal leaks from people he should be able to trust, etc. only point out the depth of the challenge he faces. He is obviously hitting on issues close to home, and alligators of every stripe are fighting back to preserve their swamp trolling ways. It is no longer a Republican versus Democrat issue. It is a Washington Elite versus Working Americans issue. So what is the average voter to do? Maybe old Dave Hodges is on to something!


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