An appeal to Romney

By David Rogers

Dear Senator Romney,

As an informed constituent who voted for you and listened to your rhetoric as you speak across the state and nation, I must ask a simple question: I understand you are concerned about President Trump, but what exactly is your platform?  I am a bit confused.

I have spoken with people around your inner circle. They all agree you are a principled, independent, data-driven person who looks at the facts. But do you actually have all the facts? And based on those facts, do you stand independently or are you aligning with establishment positions on critical issues?

I am concerned with numerous problems that confront our country and pose an imminent risk to the traditional American way of life. If I may elucidate on a few of these concerns:

  • About the state of our media and press. We have no free press anymore, and media is intent on silencing conservative voices in this country. This controlled press calls an elected president a fraud, racist, liar and traitor every day. That is simply unacceptable.
  • About our relationship with China, including the fact that China has stolen or strong-armed much of our military and industrial technology. They have fleeced us in manufacturing and trade for decades. China desires to replace us as the hegemonic world power and will stop at nothing to accomplish this.
  • About the failing state of our educational system, particularly at the college level. The radical inmates are truly running the asylum while, along with complicit media, are eviscerating our culture.
  • About the military industrial complex, and the fact that hawks like John Bolton seem to be looking to start wars in Iran, Venezuela, Syria and elsewhere.
  • About the problems at our southern border and the fact that Congress has passed laws exacerbating this situation. Our system is now completely overwhelmed by a flood of illegal immigrants.
  • About the sustainability of our economy with the ever increasing levels of debt. This cannot continue unabated as we squander our blood and treasure on unproductive pursuits.
  • About the overreaching government bureaucracy. Obama replaced top management of almost every department and agency with radicals and activists his first few years in office. These activists are stonewalling any reformative agenda and threaten to throw our country into chaos.
  • That the Mueller circus has undermined any agenda to implement the necessary changes our country needs for over two years. This “man of integrity” as you believe, acts like a vindictive, partisan hack who, according to both Russian and State Department sources, delivered ore samples to Putin’s men in Moscow to seal the Uranium One pay-for-play deal. Patriot indeed!

There are many other issues of concern, but space limits me here. So far, from what I observe, there is only one man standing firmly to address these key concerns.

One man boldly calls out the media as being the fake news, left wing propagandists they are.

One man is taking on China face to face and calling out their theft and abuse of our economy, technology, production, and prosperity.

One man who declared college campuses as free speech zones and threatened financial consequences for censorship and the curtailing of free expression.

One man who is trying to put a leash on the rabid beast that is our military industrial complex, with no help or guidance from Congress I might add; and this despite establishment insiders sending him bullish hawks to saturate his defense team.

One man calling the border crisis what it is, an unsustainable invasion of our sovereignty, challenging illegal sanctuary cities and confronting Mexico for providing an unfettered beltway to our border.

One man who has pushed for tax reform, brought back manufacturing and is undoing harmful treaties that expedite the transfer of our jobs and production to sweatshops overseas.

One man who has suggested we need to balance the budget as soon as possible.

One man who actually hopes to reform the “Establishment” and the D.C. bureaucracy.

One man who declared the Mueller probe the outrageous witch hunt it was from the outset.

That man, a solitary voice in the swampy D.C. wilderness, is Donald Trump. He genuinely seeks to accomplish those things we elected him to do. Congress has either opposed him, as the Democrats continue to do with their baseless impeachment rhetoric, or sat idly by, as do most Establishment Republicans. Activist judges have overstepped their bounds to block his agenda whenever possible. Despite his often crude and undiplomatic approach, he is at least a man of action and is willing to suffer these relentless political slings and arrows.

I see the problems, as do many of your constituents. My question remains; do you see them and what are you prepared to do to help resolve them?

David Rogers

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