An Open Letter to Governor Cox

By David Rogers

Dear Governor Cox,

I voted for you and lend my support to you because you are an avowed conservative, grew up in San Pete County (we should always have confidence in the solid roots of a country boy), and received a comprehensive apprenticeship under the leadership of a decent man in Gary Herbert. In a previous article on this site, written prior to your election, I spoke of the need for a wartime governor, the standard status quo just will not cut it in these perilous times. I am hoping, sir, that you will stand tall as the pressures mount.

It is not hyperbole to state that we live in unprecedented historic times. While our media and those among us who gather our sense of reality from mass media might have a picture that things are going well, nothing could be further from the truth. At the federal level, the tension and instability exceed any prior era in our history. Our Constitution, as prophesied long ago, is indeed “hanging by a thread”. This mandates strength and unique leadership at the state level. Every Governor in this nation that values freedom and the principles of liberty must be prepared to stand up to the now ubiquitous federal overreach.

Nearly every bill being written in the House and every executive order coming from Biden’s desk in some respects ignores or tramples upon the boundaries of our Constitution. If you recall Elder Oaks’ outstanding talk in general conference, he elucidated two significant principles that garner your unwavering attention. The first Principle he spoke of was: “The United States Constitution limits the national government to the exercise of powers granted expressly or by implication, and it reserves all other government powers to the States respectively, or to the people.”

And the second point he made was: “I see divine inspiration in the vital purpose of the entire Constitution. We are to be governed by law and not by individuals, and our loyalty is to the Constitution and its principles and processes, not to any officeholder. In this way, all persons are to be equal before the law. These principles block the autocratic ambitions that have corrupted democracy in some countries.”

In a large number of actions at the federal level, the rule of law is being bent or discarded in many respects. The corruption that was often winked at in the past is now on full display and is notably more vicious. Executive actions that fundamentally destroy our borders and legal immigration system, gender confusion, gun control agendas, irresponsible spending that bails out failing blue states with our tax dollars (and will lead to crippling inflation), proposed mandates regarding Covid vaccine passes, restrictions on free speech, the ignoring of violent protestations that border on chaos, a proposed bill for slavery reparations, a proposed executive order to pack the Supreme Court, the list goes on and on.

In short, we are already at war. The bullets may not be flying in a literal sense, but the battle over the preservation of the inspired constitutional liberties that define this country is in full swing. As the Governor we ask respectfully that you step up and check the descending barrages that are intruding upon the freedoms of the citizens of this state. Many states are passing legislation or executive orders outlining detailed plans of action to negate any federal legislation that violates fundamental constitutional principles. We should follow such examples, indeed we should be setting the precedents for strong states’ rights countering federal aggrandizement.

The people of Utah are some of the most educated and motivated citizens in the country. Many hold these freedoms to be more than just principles of sound governance. They hold them to be divinely inspired, thus suggesting our accountability in recognizing, studying, and upholding them. As the chief executive of this state, it is my hope, and indeed the hope of all Utahns that you will not only abide by such principles but become a leading voice in championing them, calling out the overreach, illegality, and injustice wherever it may be found.

Please stand fast and raise your voice on behalf of our citizenry. Consider that those in the Biden Administration do not have our best interests at heart and, by their obvious adverse actions, are seeking to undermine this country and the powers attributed to individuals and states by our Constitution. A centralized, overarching bureaucracy is their obvious goal, and we must not allow it. Also, please help prepare us for the inevitable social and economic fallout these unwise policies and actions are sure to bring upon us.

You are the amplifier for our voice. It is no time for acquiescence or half measures. In such battles, it is the bold and determined who will prevail. I pray you will see the imminent dangers and act so that all of Utah may triumph in the trying days ahead.


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