Another Lands Bill Facade

On January 13, 2015 the San Juan County Utah Lands Council had another meeting to go over different county roads and to decide which roads were needed or not needed on the county’s Congressman Bishop’s lands bill proposal.

The group has been at this since 2013 working together to come up with a plan.  Representatives of the Friends of Cedar Mesa (FCM) Josh Ewing and Vaughn Hadenfeldt were invited to be a part of the group by the county.  I guess the hope was that by working with the Friends of Cedar Mesa and compromising with them lands issues on Cedar Mesa could be resolved.

If history has shown us nothing else when it comes to environmental groups like  the Friends of Cedar Mesa no matter how much you compromise it will never be enough for them.   The Friends of Cedar Mesa have proven this to be true one more time.  During the last year or more of negotiations and meetings that the lands council held the Friends of Cedar Mesa have been circumventing the process and “calling for a national designation for the greater Cedar Mesa area” under the table.

(BLUFF, Utah) — Sept. 4, 120 archaeologists joined the Friends of Cedar Mesa in sending a letter to Utah’s congressional delegation urging the protection of the cultural resources of greater Cedar Mesa by creating a National Conservation Area (NCA).”

Along with putting together this letter they have used Kickstarter to raise money asking for people’s help to protect Cedar Mesa.  This campaign involves short videos supporting their claims and desires for Cedar Mesa to be designated a National Conservation Area.

This type of underhanded behavior should not be any surprise to anyone and if it is all I can say is  “Wake the freak up” and stop being so gullible!  The fact that this group deems themselves the stewards and experts of Cedar Mesa should be a clue they aren’t interested in what others have to say.

It is time to stop compromising and capitulating away our liberties and freedoms to these self-proclaimed saviors of the land.  The county should never give them or any group like them a seat at the table.  This only acts to elevate them above the citizens of this county  and by this recognition by the county it also tends to lend credibility to their case by mere association.

It is absurd that our elected officials at the local level as well as the state level fall into this trap time and time again and then wonders what happened when it all falls apart.


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