Another look at Medical Cannabis

Last month I attended a presentation on medical cannabis put on by the Libertas Institute and the Drug Policy Project. While there, I heard some interesting information presented about why medical cannabis should be legalized in Utah. There were plenty of heart-warming stories about how medical cannabis has helped families and individuals deal with very debilitating diseases and lifelong pain.

Utah State Senator Mark Madsen presented what he hoped to run as a bill in the 2016 legislative session. It included tight controls about access and which doctors can prescribe it. Madsen believes much more in personal choice but also realizes the political climate that we live in.

I personally am very concerned about the potential for abuse and addiction but that is why I support it. Right now doctors prescribe extremely addictive opiates such as oxycodone to help people deal with pain. And I think we have all seen how prone this is to abuse and even crime. Perhaps medical cannabis will help alleviate this problem as it is far less addictive.

Will it be effective? There are plenty of people who benefit greatly from legalized speed to help them deal with their ADHD, including my own son. I am grateful that this medication is available to help him function better and be able to experience life. Treating people for ADHD actually helps them not self medicate with more dangerous substances.

Shouldn’t people make those decisions about effectiveness with their qualified doctors? One lady mentioned how medical cannabis has really helped her son with his seizures. They are less often and much less severe but as it didn’t cure the condition, it did help. But now these people have to live in a state where these treatments are legal to benefit. I doubt they make these decisions lightly.

Please consider what you would do in their situation. The meetings that have been held so far can be viewed on the Libertas Institute YouTube Channel at

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