April 19th: an important historical date

by Monte Wells
by Monte Wells

This coming Tuesday is April 19, 2016 and how many of us remember what happen on this day 241 years ago?  The Battle of Lexington and Concord took place and is referred to as “The Shot Heard Round the World.” (Some claim that this was the first battle of the Revolutionary War but there was the “Battle of Alamance” in June 1771 that was the result of tyrannical oppression and extortion.)

Whether this was the first battle of the Revolutionary War or not, on April 19, 1775 the local militia after being notified that the British troops were on their way to Concord to search for arms.

Seventy-seven militiamen gathered at Lexington to take a stand against the British troops.

“At dawn on April 19, some 700 British troops arrived in Lexington and came upon 77 militiamen gathered on the town green. A British major yelled, “Throw down your arms! Ye villains, ye rebels.” The heavily outnumbered militiamen had just been ordered by their commander to disperse when a shot rang out. To this day, no one knows which side fired first. Several British volleys were subsequently unleashed before order could be restored. When the smoke cleared, eight militiamen lay dead and nine were wounded, while only one Redcoat was injured.” history.com

This is more than just a story that happened a long time ago in our nations history it is an example of what happens when freedom loving people are pushed into a corner and are left no other options.

“The colonists did not show great marksmanship that day. As many as 3,500 militiamen firing constantly for 18 miles only killed or wounded roughly 250 Redcoats, compared to about 90 killed and wounded on their side. Nevertheless, they proved they could stand up to one of the most powerful armies in the world. News of the battle quickly spread, reaching London on May 28. By the following summer, a full-scale war of independence had broken out.”

Captain Parker's statement at Lexington - this is the Lexington Minutemen Monument, Lexington, MA
Captain Parker’s statement at Lexington – this is the Lexington Minutemen Monument, Lexington, MA

Despite all the odds and many obstacles, the Revolutionary War went from 1775 to 1783. Cornwallis surrendered at Yorktown, Virginia on the 19 Oct 1781 and the final peace treaty was signed in Paris 3 Sept 1783.

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