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“Tact is the ability to describe others as they see themselves.”

— Abraham Lincoln

By Harry Caines
By Harry Caines

So much is going on that Your Humble Columnist must use his weekly space to write about them all. And since my editor does not like me using the term “random thoughts”…well, you will figure it out.

— Two events are being held on February 12th in Logan that conflict with each other. And these events, which I both wish to attend, are not targeted to the same focus groups.

In the south end of town, the Lincoln Day dinner will be held in a hotel ballroom. In the middle of town, the bi-monthly Gallery Walk will be held.

I use this column on many occasions to espouse the virtues of frequenting local businesses, promoting local musicians and encouraging Cache Valley residents to support local artists. The Gallery Walk is one such event that needs to be endorsed, promoted and bountifully attended.

It is fun to dress up a bit and walk through the center of Logan. My friends and I go to every art gallery and feel that surge of artistic haughtiness that can be lacking at times whilst living in northern Utah.

Yet, it must be said that the people who attend the Gallery Walk do seem to be, more than not, of a politically liberal persuasion. This will not be the case with the Lincoln Day dinner.

This event is an annual gathering of Utah Republicans. At the Logan soiree, Senator Orrin Hatch will be the keynote speaker. Senator Mike Lee is also scheduled to be in attendance.

I would eschew attending the Gallery Walk in favor of the Lincoln Day dinner if one improbability came to pass. I would want to see Senator Hatch grab the mic, walk over to Mike Lee in his chair and castigate Lee for being an embarrassment to the state of Utah and to the Republican party.

Then I would want Hatch to turn to the audience and challenge anyone in the room to run against Lee–who is up for re-election in 2016—for the Republican nomination. Hatch would then pull out from his coat pocket a check for $10 Million that he will hand to the first person in the room who will announce their candidacy on the spot.

To finish, Hatch drops the mic on the floor and walks out of the ballroom with a cocky gait usually reserved for Super Bowl winning quarterbacks.

I would spend much money to see that happen.

Either in a comment section, or in a rebuttal column, I respectfully ask anyone who is supporting Hillary Clinton for president to answer one question for me.


The following answers are not acceptable:

“Republicans suck.”

“She is a woman.”

“We must stop Donald Trump.”

I want to hear any other answer but the above stated. I do not have Facebook, but I will be informed if that is where the retort is posted.

Or, if any of you feel comfortable writing in prose, please submit a pro-Hillary column of 900 words or less to If it is cogent, they will print it.

I really want to know why anyone is supporting Hillary Clinton outside of a seething disdain for Republicans. I just don’t see it.

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