Are Democrats obsolete?

“What is the purpose of the Democratic Party in this country, since it seems to advance policies and promote principles that are un-American? They despise our economic system (which is why Bernie Sanders almost won)… they oppose the military, they oppose law enforcement, they oppose our constitutional system, they oppose capitalism, they oppose the sovereignty of a nation-state and a border. Where do they want to take this country? How much further do they want to take us down this road? They are the largest party in America, led by anti-Americans.” Mark Levin on his XM Radio Program, Dec. 14, 2016.

By David Rogers

The seeming hysteria that is permeating the Democrat Party since Hillary Clinton’s loss in the 2016 election continues to grow. Perhaps the largest problem with Democrats currently is that they seem to offer no vision, no policy, no connection and no solution to our nation’s problems. They have resorted to vitriolic slogans, name calling, and blame as their last resort. Under President Obama, the Democrats lost a net 1,042 seats in state and federal legislatures. Nancy Pelosi, who shares much of the blame for the party’s decline, has been re-elected again as House Minority Leader. It begs the question, are Democrats, as currently constituted, becoming obsolete?

The Trump phenomenon certainly suggests that something has changed in America. One plausible explanation is that middle-of-the-road Americans, those moderates that lean a bit left or a bit right in Flyover America, are simply sick and tired of the leftist path that eight years of Democratic control of the White House have taken us down. And make no mistake, President Obama has revealed through his rhetoric and his actions that he leans far, far left. Much farther than the average American would consider comfortable. Perhaps enough people have finally woken up, even if some others may remain a bit flummoxed. Years of lies, obfuscation, and hidden agendas can have a deleterious effect. The plummeting ratings of many mainstream media channels may indeed reflect a trend of awakening. America’s trust has been repeatedly violated and we are not pleased.

Obama may be leaving office shortly, but he will leave plenty of scars on the political psyche of America. The preponderance of “snowflakes” that are having a difficult time with election results are simply a symptom of a deeper problem. That problem is that divisive identity politics and a penchant for recognizing only those laws and principles which reinforce a leftist philosophy has greatly weakened the social and political fabric of this nation. The oratory of the über-liberal schoolmen has now been validated by the same grandiloquence from a president, convincing many that the debilitating political philosophy and rhetoric of the far left is now an accepted reality.

Obama has taught a new generation that it is fine to rail against any viewpoint that does not agree with yours and to ignore or fight against any law or social more that might threaten that viewpoint. And, as Trey Gowdy recently pointed out to Congress, enforcing laws inconsistently, favoring only those that agree with only your worldview, leads inevitably to anarchy. Meanwhile, Hollywood celebrities, inspired by vague, leftist causes, created videos petitioning the Electoral College to ignore the will of their states and change their votes away from Trump and, when that failed, demanded Congress prevent Trump from doing anything at all.

The fact that numerous issues and policies, engrained onto this supposedly “liberal” group of Americans, contradicts the values and principles upon which this country was founded and allowed for their success seems unimportant to these purveyors of social justice. But it still seems to be important to so many other “traditional” Americans. Such common sense moderates (who Obama belittles as clinging to guns and religion) see an America divided and weakened, and a party that is continually distancing itself from values and ideas they have held for generations.

Democrat elites across the country have swung further left in their own perspectives and rhetoric to accommodate this growing leftist mindset championed by Obama. As Obama gained in popularity, so followed the Democrat masses. Hillary Clinton sounded much more like Bernie Sanders in her campaign than the liberal moderates she and her husband portrayed twenty years ago. She reversed numerous positions on abortion, immigration, gay marriage, and other issues to accommodate and pander to the changing demographic within the party. A demographic created by far left party leadership and a supportive administration.

And as the swing to the distant left alienates more and more of middle America, the Democrats are doubling down on a failing strategy and lashing out with renewed fear and division. Millennials take to the streets in fear of the “racist, misogynist and fascist regime” that Trump will allegedly usher in. And where do they hear this hyperbole? From Democratic Party leadership in lock step with a liberal press. With the truth missing in action and where fear and division can be bred perhaps Democrats perceive a chance to retain power. But at what cost to America?

As the actuality of Trump demonstrates, a lot of Americans just are not buying it anymore. Do the Democrats not understand that the great majority of Trump supporters could care less about racism, sexism, transgender bathrooms, or other identity politics? They are simply afraid of their waning ability to provide a comfortable, uninterrupted middle-class life for themselves and their families. Perhaps the Democrats have cried wolf one too many times. And as Chuck Schumer rolls out a “Make America Sick Again” poster to oppose any repeal of Obamacare, numerous men, women, and business owners roll their eyes as they live through the reality of a health care system that is failing because of Obamacare. How much more out of touch can the Democrat leadership be? They cannot believe their own rhetoric when the facts in front of them tell a much different story. Or can they?

As Obama and the press play the blame game and double down on the Russian hacking storyline, many Americans are wondering if the Democrats care more about their failing narratives than they do the welfare of their own country. And upon closer examination, Mark Levin has a point. While Democrats point to law, the Constitution and “American values” when it suits them, they ignore and despise such things completely when they are not helpful to their cause. Many Americans are simply not fooled anymore and see ever further left leaning Democrats as inadequate to represent their most basic needs. And Republicans should take careful notes, for they have atoned for their own fiascoes.

If Democrats are to remain relevant in America, if indeed their message is not to become obsolete through the natural political process, they need a reformation from within. To continue to foment a divisive, Marxist-like class struggle within America is counterproductive. Only the gullible will fall for such tactics, and the ranks of the gullible are dwindling. The Democrat Party must re-evaluate and re-align themselves with those principles that have traditionally defined America. Otherwise, Trump has captured the mantra “Make America Great Again,” and he will walk off into a new sunrise of history as the change agent America has been looking for. And the obsolescence of the Democrats and their message will grow ever more obvious.

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