At Least Mark Sanford’s Not Our Congressman

We may have some national embarrassment right now with the scandals surrounding the ex-Attorneys General Mark Shurtleff and John Swallow, but can you imagine if one of our current active Congressmen was Mark Sanford?

Sanford was the governor of South Carolina and one of those “Republican governors to watch” after Barack Obama won the election in 2008. Then in 2009, he disappeared for a few days after telling friends and family he planned to hike the Appalachian trail. In reality he’d gone to Argentina to find his mistress Maria Belen Chapur. His term as governor ended in 2010. He has since divorced his wife Jenny and gotten engaged. The divorce has become nasty, to the point that Mark felt he had to break off his engagement.

Mark Sanford has decided to “call off” his engagement to the Argentine “soul mate” he had a intercontinental, extra-marital affair with as governor in 2009.
Mark Sanford has decided to “call off” his engagement to the Argentine “soul mate” he had a intercontinental, extra-marital affair with as governor in 2009.

His Facebook status is a detailed yet bizarre explanation of the reasons. But here’s a highlight.

In their summons I am “restrained” from the following:

“Consuming or being under the influence of illegal drugs or excessive amounts of alcohol in the presence, or while responsible for, the care of the minor child.” This really is crazy. Why would one throw out the need for restraint if it were not a problem – or if one did not want to raise the specter of a problem? On this one all I can ask is that you talk to anyone who has seen or known me over my entire 54 years in the Low Country. I have never taken any illegal drug in my life. I did not drink in high school or college and though I do drink now, my consumption is so limited that my friends give me a hard time about it. I will have but one beer or two when out at a social occasion.

“Restrained from entering or attempting to enter the property of Plaintiff.” We have already been through this with the Super bowl and my taking our youngest son Blake home from a Super bowl party two years ago when his mom was out of town. I made the wrong call (though I thought the right call as a dad to be with him and not to just drop him off) and have never set foot on her property since then. I don’t know why this is being brought back up again.

“Exposing the minor child overnight to a member of the opposite sex not related by blood who could be reasonably construed as a paramour.” Though Jenny herself has certainly not lived up to this clause it is clearly aimed at me given near everyone knows about Belen and in that regard it seems designed to create intrigue where none exists. The younger boys have never spent a night housed under the same roof with Belen and with the exception of one night and a major conversation that lasted well into that night, the same holds true for the older boys. I was primarily motivated to do so by a love for the boys and wanting to go to great lengths to never again put them in an uncomfortable spot. I was also motivated by fear because there was very frequently a consequence in not being allowed to see the boys if I did something my former wife disliked.

For some reason, the state of South Carolina made him a Congressman in 2013, and he’s running unopposed in 2014. Man, the Democratic Party in South Carolina must be a mess.

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