Thoughts on Utah Policy’s Common Core Poll

Last week, the Utah Policy poll on Common Core was all over the news.  The tidbit often highlighted was that while 41% of Utahns strongly or somewhat oppose the Common Core, only 21% correctly identified where the Common Core standards originated. While I found this fact interesting, I had a few other thoughts on the poll and related  articles: First, the poll fails to address a number of quite relevant questions about the public’s knowledge on Common Core.  Maybe more data from the poll will be released, but it seems to be missing some…

Gov. Herbert: An Education Action Figure?

Today, Gov. Herbert held a press conference to address the concerns he has heard regarding public education and to present a plan of action.  The plan outlined three principles: Maintaining high academic standards in all subjects. Monitoring and limiting the federal government’s role in education. Preserving state and local control, including in curriculum, testing, and instructional practices. His plan includes: First, a legal review by the Attorney General’s Office into questions regarding federal entanglements associated with the adoption of the Common Core and our No Child Left Behind waiver. Second,…

State School Board Considering Returning to No Child Left Behind

Utah State Superintendent Finalists Announced: Backup Plan for Some? John Barge, Martin Bates, Rich Crandall, Brad Smith

Tonight, the Utah State Board of Education will debate whether to apply for another one-year Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) Waiver.  The ESEA Waiver allows Utah to not comply with certain federal No Child Left Behind (NCLB) mandates through the creation of its own state systems.  Utah’s current waiver is set to expire in August. By choosing not to apply for the ESEA waiver, Utah would return to No Child Left Behind.

No Man Can Serve Two Masters: Should School Boards Serve Parents or Students?

During the Governor’s Nominating and Recruiting Committee  interviewing of Utah State Board of Education candidates, a question seemed to be ever present: who should members of the State Board of Education serve – parents or students? It is an interesting question.

Votes for Elimination: State School Board Candidates Totals and Observations

The Governor’s Nominating and Recruiting Committee met this week and interviewed the remaining candidates for State School Board. Following the interviews the committee members ranked their choices, with 1 being the highest.  The candidates with the lowest totals were moved forward.  On the spreadsheet below, those struck through were not sent on to the Governor. In years past there has been significant speculation of block voting, with those directly representing education voting together, and business interests voting together.  I was curious to see if this year that same block voting…

The Cuts Continue: Day 2 of the State School Board Candidate Interviews

Today, the Governor’s Nominating and Recruiting Committee continued their interviews with State School Board candidates in the remaining two districts.  The committee, by law, is taxed with forwarding at least three names on to the Governor.  The Governor will in turn select two of those candidates to appear on the November ballot.  By law, the Governor must select candidates for the ballot before August 1st.   Here are the names that will be forwarded on to the Governor, those struck were eliminated in this round by the committee:

The Cuts Continue: Day 1 of the State School Board Candidate Interviews

Post updated with interview scores. Today the Governor’s Nominating and Recruiting Committee met to interview candidates in four of the districts up for election this year.  The committee, by law, is taxed with forwarding at least three names on to the Governor.  The Governor will in turn select two of those candidates to appear on the November Ballot.  All candidates below were interviewed today, and those with a strike-through were eliminated.   For those of you playing at home, pull out your bingo cards, here are today’s results:

Confessions of a Utah Yearbook Picture Photoshopper

Years ago I worked for a yearbook publishing company.  One day a picture came through for an elementary school yearbook that raised my eyebrows.  A fifth grade girl posing in her witch costume.  Sounds standard enough.  But the girl was sitting in a way that you could clearly see right up her skirt.  I didn’t want to publish it. I took the picture to my manager and pointed out the problem.  She, in turn, called the school and asked what they would like done.  To change the picture would cause…

Ten Observations On Who Made The State School Board Cut

Ten interesting observations on which candidates made the Nominating and Recruiting Committee’s latest cut for state school board: 1.     All incumbents are moving forward at this point, though that does not mean they are out of danger of being eliminated. 2.     Every candidate in District 6 will be interviewed. 3.     In District 5 all male candidates made it through, but only two of the eleven women did. (This may be due to many, but not all, of the women candidates from that district belonging…