Brexit is not Xenophobia

Note: I have no position on Brexit. As an American, I don’t see it as my place to tell the British what to do. I write today simply to respond to an ignorant argument that is being created / repeated on this side of the Atlantic. I wish I could say the coverage of Brexit has risen above the news media’s standard hysteria, rank partisanship, and hate-mongering, but I know better. The most offensive argument goes like this: Supporting Brexit is opposing globalization. Opposing globalization is xenophobia. Therefore, supporting Brexit…

#NeverTrump silver linings

For those of us in the Never Trump wing of the GOP, Tuesday night was a living nightmare. From day one, we never thought this day would actually come, even though our sense of dread grew with each Trump victory. By the time Tuesday night’s call in Indiana came, I had already consigned myself to it. I think I went through the five stages of grief this last week, knowing what was coming. I’ve now come to acceptance. The GOP nominee is someone I, and many others, can’t support. We…

A friendly letter to Trump supporters

Dear Friends, Can I be honest with you about Donald Trump? Much of the media hysteria aimed at Trump is dishonest. I don’t agree with Trump’s plan to build a wall on the border with Mexico, but calling it racist is nonsense. Nations have a responsibility to define and protect their borders. Our immigration policies, even if Donald Trump’s agenda was implemented, are far more charitable and open than most other nations on earth. The same is true for his trade policy. I disagree with it, but it’s not that…

Polite Politics Podcast Season 2, #9: The Supreme Court vacancy

The latest Polite Politics Podcast explains the controversy over the Supreme Court vacancy left by the death of Justice Antonin Scalia. Tyler explains: The history behind election-year judicial nominations Why the court isn’t just 5 conservatives and 4 liberals How the media gets the court wrong What is going to happen next Be sure to listen to the latest Polite Politics Podcast. PS… Scotusblog updates the Supreme Court’s “voting relationships” at the bottom of this page. What is clear is that the 4 more liberal justices tend to vote together…

Polite Politics Podcast Season 2, #8: New Hampshire and the Trump Phenomenon

The latest Polite Politics Podcast breaks down what happened in New Hampshire and how the primary campaign will look moving forward. Along the way, best-selling author and persuasion expert Kurt Mortensen drops by to explain the Donald Trump phenomenon. Be sure to listen to the latest Polite Politics Podcast. Need more politics? Subscribe!

The Oregon standoff: Is it terrorism or something else?

When the Oregon standoff started and left-wingers took to social media to call the protesters “terrorists,” I found the name-calling ridiculous…but also a little confusing. This was coming from the same political movement that is for providing billions of dollars to Iran, advocates negotiating with the Taliban, and whose practical solutions for Palestine always involve bringing Hamas to the table. So, naturally I assumed these social media posts were a call to bring the ranchers to the White House for negotiations or give them billions in bailouts… All joking aside, I don’t…

Polite Politics Podcast Season 2, #7: Trump, Batman, and Presidential Politics

The latest Polite Politics Podcast talks about Donald Trump and uses a helpful theme from The Dark Knight. As America goes to vote, the podcast discusses the hero we deserve and the heroes that we need. Be sure to listen to the latest Polite Politics Podcast. Subscribe for more politics

Polite Politics Podcast Season 2, #6: ISIS & Syria

In the latest Polite Politics Podcast, Tyler explains the history of ISIS and what is happening in Syria. Along the way, he discusses: The refugee crisis Overheated rhetoric on all sides Which president is responsible for growth of ISIS And much more… Be sure to listen to the latest Polite Politics Podcast. The following links provide some extra information if you want to read more. History of ISIS Map of ISIS controlled areas Timeline of Syria Unrest Timeline of US Involvement in Syria Subscribe for more Polite Politics

Questions to ask Democratic candidates in the CBS debate

This week Fox Business Network proved a political debate can actually be about substance if the moderators want it to be. Even more impressive, they got substantive positions out of candidates while still getting astronomical ratings for a primary debate. Neil Cavuto in particular followed up with candidates who strayed from their questions and forced them to indicate support or opposition to various issues: $15 minimum wage hike, etc. This is good for America. And in the spirit of good debate, here are a list of substantive questions that moderators…

Polite Politics Podcast Season 2, #5: Interview with Mia Love

Rep. Mia Love joins the latest Polite Politics Podcast to talk about adjusting to life in Congress. She talks about: How she makes decisions Her ultimate goal in politics Whether the GOP is divided And much more… Be sure to listen to the latest Polite Politics Podcast.   Get more of the Polite Politics Podcast in your inbox.