Bait and Switch

By David Rogers

The national presidential tickets are set and we amble with wobbly legs towards a November election. The 2020 elections will be historic for a number of reasons. One significant reason revolves around the curious origins of the Democratic presidential ticket. We finally have a vice-presidential candidate, but the choice is curious. As another proof that the Democratic Party pays absolutely no attention to their constituency whatsoever, we have Senator Kamala Harris. Her nomination may go down as the biggest bait and switch political event to date.

Turn back the clock to late 2019. The Democratic primary field is jam-packed. Kamala Harris is just another face in the crowd. In fact, she is a candidate with a lot of baggage that can be exploited in a general election. She is generally viewed as radical and scores limited likeability overall with Democrat constituents. She is gaining no traction at all long before actual state primaries begin to roll forward. The coup de grace for her campaign, which never received significant interest or funding, was the humiliation of only polling at seven percent in her home state of California. In December she withdrew quietly from the race.

Fast forward to April and the remaining contenders opposing Joe Biden all withdraw from the campaign in a short period of time. Biden is left as the party’s de facto nominee even though he struggled in numerous states and does not look sharp. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are the last to withdraw and seem to do so hesitantly.

Months pass as the Biden campaign seems stuck in neutral. Using COVID as an excuse Biden offers brief sound bites and limited interviews from his basement. He neither looks nor sounds strong, focused, or up to the challenge. It is obvious that the vice presidential pick will be critical. Biden makes overtures to the press that his candidate will likely be a female of color, signaling that identity politics will take precedence.

When Harris was announced in August the press was eager to begin painting a rose-colored portrait of the candidate. The New York Times wrote, “A pragmatic moderate who spent most of her career as a prosecutor, Ms. Harris was seen throughout the vice-presidential search as among the safest choices available to Mr. Biden.” The problem is, Harris is anything but moderate, pragmatic, or safe. ranks Harris as the most radical Senator based on voting record and policy positions, while only ranks her as the third most radical. And that is the more accurate assessment. Ms. Harris’ record bespeaks radical and extremely ideological positions, both in the Senate and as a prosecutor in San Francisco. She is far from a moderate and far from what a mainstream Democrat voter was looking for. The primaries demonstrated this clearly, yet she is now a heartbeat away from the presidency should Biden win the election.

The only rational conclusion is that the Democratic National Committee and party elites are dominated by extreme leftist ideologues. The ticket they have foisted on their constituency only dimly reflects a fair primary process and insinuates a White House beholden to the most radical elements in the party. While party leadership now has the people they want in place to execute an agenda complete with the Green New Deal, identity politics, open borders, restriction of constitutional rights, and disdain for law and order, the more mainstream voters who have identified with the Democrat Party in the past are left in the lurch.

This not-so-subtle bait and switch has begun to alienate many traditional Democrats and Independents looking for a difference. As Biden and Harris show their malleability to extreme Democratic Party players, they are rolling out a platform that sounds like it was written by Bernie Sanders. The defections have already begun. Minority voters, traditionally a Democratic stronghold, are moving to Trump in unprecedented numbers. Numerous other Democrats and Independents are searching hard for a better alternative. When you play such a shell game with your constituents, it is sure to backfire.

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