Barbarians at the Gate

By David Rogers

We are barely one month out from the Democrats retaking the House and the true nature of the radical, far-left swing that now dominates the Party is showing. Big time. The fact that the captive leftist media is allowing all of this information out into circulation, believing that they are swaying opinion, winds up being an inadvertent public service. It is much easier to see the barbarians at our gate when they start bellowing their presence. And it is one ugly display.

If there was any doubt prior to the midterms that the extreme left has taken over the Democrat Party, those doubts are now thoroughly laid to rest. With a stone-walled Congress and a burgeoning field of candidates already posturing for the 2020 Election, the crazy train has filled up and left the station. And the agenda and policy they are pushing are certifiable.

Between Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Kamala Harris, Corey Booker, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Elizabeth Warren and other lemmings, we have a treasure trove of über leftist dialogue being spilled onto the airwaves by the lapdog media. Here is a sampling of a few of the politically insane ideas that are being thrown around:

  • We need to raise the top tax rate in America to 70% (or more).
  • We should eliminate all private insurance and provide Medicare for all.
  • We need a new green deal that will eliminate all fossil fuels and provide 100% renewable energy.
  • Everyone should have free housing; that is a human right.
  • Free health care, free college, free paid family leave and free on and on and on.
  • Border walls are immoral, that is not who we are (unless you look at their houses).
  • We should eliminate borders; borders are racist.
  • We should abolish ICE. They are racist too.
  • Christianity is historically oppressive. Oh, it is racist also.
  • America is a racist country with a racist history.
  • We should impeach President Trump. He is the most racist of all.
  • The world will end in twelve years if we do not take extreme action on global warming.
  • We should allow all illegal immigrants (non-citizens) to vote.
  • Prisons are slavery and should be abolished and replaced with social work intervention.
  • The government needs to take over all private corporations.
  • We should censor and censure any individual or media source that disagrees with our “correct” viewpoint.
  • It is toxic to be a white male; white males are the source of most of our problems.
  • It is no problem to abort live, birthing babies; it is not infanticide, it is women’s rights.
  • We need universal job and income guarantees.
  • We need to eliminate the Electoral College.

This agenda in un-American, plain and simple. It is a Socialist agenda. It is a Communist agenda. It is against all principles of a republic, liberty, a free market or a free society. It is radical and unsustainable. It is the same agenda that has ravaged and oppressed numerous nations over the last century. History has judged the viability of this agenda and it gets a big fat F. It has failed wherever it has been tried and you would have to be completely ignorant of that history to believe it would work here.

These “new” Democrats are not your grandfather’s Democrats. Long gone are the “Blue Dog Democrats” of old Dixie. Few and far between are the moderate and rational Democrats that defined the Kennedy era, at least at the leadership level. This wave of newcomers wants nothing less than the destruction of America as we now know it, replaced by some unobtainable government driven Socialist Utopia. That is Marxism dressed in very plain clothing.

This is embarrassing. This is dangerous. This is a serious threat to our viability as a nation and the ongoing prosperity of our economy, people and power. This strikes at every moral foundation that made the West the envy of the world for centuries. I honestly cannot understand how any rational thinker could embrace this agenda. Heaven help us.

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