Utah Politico Hub Editorial Standards & Guidelines

Utah Politico Hub (“the Hub”) welcomes and encourages submissions from anyone eighteen or older. We exist to facilitate and amplify more points of view and get more people interested in political thought and discussion, as well as enrich dialogue and debate.

That’s why we hope that you will not only read the Hub, but also share your opinions and insights. That’s right: we want you to contribute your opinion to the Hub, not just in comments, but in posts that demonstrate your thoughts on the issues that matter to you.

The Hub is meant to be a platform for opinions, ideas, and debate, and your contribution is a valued addition to that platform. We are conservatives, liberals, libertarians and progressives, as well as everything in between.

That said, we do have some editorial standards at the Hub. While all submissions will be considered, submissions will not be posted on Utah Politico Hub unless they meet the editorial standards below.

  1. Political Focus.  All pieces should be politically-focused with substantial connection to Utah or American politics.  Utah Politico Hub is not a forum for religious discussion (other than it bears on political processes or outcomes), general news pieces, personal promotion or business promotion. Show how your submission relates to politics in Utah or the United States, and the Hub can find a place for your piece.
  2. Proper Spelling and Grammar Usage.  Here at the Hub we expect that submissions will be grammatically correct and that words – including names of persons and places – will be spelled correctly.  We don’t expect you to use AP Style (although you’re welcome to learn and use it), but submissions littered with errors may be rejected.   Additionally, the Hub reserves the right to refuse submissions from writers who habitually submit such content. None of us are professionals, and we don’t have time to regularly clean up your writing. We will, however, work with you to improve. We want you to be a part of the debate, and we’ll do all we can to make your post look good before it goes live on the site.Last, Utah Politico Hub reserves the right to correct non-substantive, evident spelling and grammatical errors in your submission without your prior notice or permission.  Frankly, your post will be more credible if you use appropriate spelling and grammar.
  3. Research and Citation.  Most of the content on the Hub is opinion, but where we deem necessary and appropriate in our sole judgment, we expect that writers will properly reference and cite to sources for claims and assertions made in their submissions.  When you reference a quote, statistic, or specific event, you should include a link that supports your reference. Your submission should clearly differentiate between your opinion and the opinions of others or fact-based assertions. Under no circumstances will Utah Politico Hub tolerate plagiarism or intentionally misleading citations.  Plagiarized or misleading submissions will be rejected or removed with extreme prejudice. It just looks bad, and it’ll ruin your career.
  4. Length.  Ideally, the reader on the internet likes to read posts of around 500 words, and you’ll be hard pressed to keep their attention longer.  We recognize that the length of a submission is sometimes dictated by the substance, but we encourage writers to keep their submissions to 1,200 words or less. This is not a hard and fast rule, but a very good guideline.
  5. Inappropriate Content.  Although the Hub welcomes submissions from writers of all viewpoints, we reject or remove submissions containing inappropriate content, including but not limited to content that is defamatory, obscene, violates copyright, trademark or other applicable law, advocates illegal acts, contains unwarranted ad hominem attacks, is hateful or degrading, in bad taste, or objectively false in any manner.
  6. Disclosure of Conflicts.  If you have a personal or business interest in the subject of your submission, we expect that you would disclose any such conflict in your submission or its byline. Really, it’s not a big deal if you are biased because of a conflict—we all have conflicts–just disclose it.

If you’re interested in helping us gather or contribute content, please send us an email at UtahPoliticoHub@gmail.com.