Better Utah: Public deserves chance to comment on Dunnigan healthcare bill [UPH Wire]


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Friday, February 26, 2016
CONTACT:    Josh Kanter, Founder & Board President, Alliance for a Better Utah, 801.893.2281
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Better Utah: Public deserves chance to comment on Dunnigan healthcare bill
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Salt Lake City, Utah – Facing the first House vote on a Medicaid expansion proposal — perhaps the singularly most important issue of the 2016 legislative session — the House waited until Friday afternoon at 5 p.m. to announce a committee hearing on Rep. Dunnigan’s (R-Taylorsville) horrific Medicaid expansion bill (HB347: Health Care Revisions), to be held on Monday. The bill continues to lack details, including a fiscal note, which would allow legislators and the public to compare various Medicaid expansion and health care proposals. Josh Kanter, Alliance for a Better Utah Founder and Board President, issued the following statement:

“Speaker Hughes should teach a class in how to be opaque while pretending to be transparent,” stated Kanter. “Cramming Dunnigan’s bill onto an agenda late Friday night effectively and intentionally precludes any chance of serious public comment by being sure that no one except the utmost political insiders will even know about it before it’s over.”

“It was bad enough that the House GOP Caucus went behind closed doors to discuss and negotiate Medicaid expansion proposals but at least that was an honest attempt to cut the Democrats and public out of the discussion. Rep. Dunnigan has had four years to work on his proposal — clearly plenty of time to engage the public. Instead, he has intentionally waited until the final two weeks of the session to even unveil his bill and with the Speaker’s help is attempting to rush it through under the public’s nose.”


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