Better Utah Releases Attack ad on Mia Love/Paul Ryan [UPH Wire]

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: *Tuesday, March 1, 2016*
CONTACT: Josh Kanter, Founder & Board President, Alliance for a Better Utah, 801.893.2281
Salt Lake City, Utah – Today, the Alliance for a Better Utah and the Agenda
Project Action Fund released an online and television ad targeting
Congresswoman Mia Love and her support for Speaker Paul Ryan’s proposed
budget cuts. The ad was prompted by Ryan’s visit to Salt Lake to headline a
$10,000-per-table event for Congresswoman Mia Love. The ad features
“granny” being thrown off a cliff to symbolize the impact of Paul Ryan’s
budget plan on Utah seniors. Mia Love has consistently supported Ryan’s
budget proposals during her campaigns. The full ad is available online at and will
run on television later this week.
“Utahns are not ideologues, but that idea of putting politics before people
is exactly what Speaker Ryan and Mia Love represent,” stated Josh Kanter,
Founder and President of the Alliance for a Better Utah. “Both Ryan and
Love would rather shut down government and privatize broadly supported
programs that benefit millions of Americans than roll up their sleeves and
get things done. Utahns deserve to know where the candidates stand on
issues that matter to them, especially when the issue affects their
pocketbooks and financial well being.”
During Mia Love’s first campaign for Congress, Love pledged support for
Congressman Paul Ryan’s proposed budget. The budget called for an increase
of the age of retirement, phasing out social security, and providing a
voucher to those on Medicare in favor of a private market alternative. The
Congressional Budget Office estimated that the Mia Love-endorsed Ryan
budget would cost Utah seniors more than $6,400 a year in medical costs.
“Extremist Republicans like Mia Love and Paul Ryan will not stop until they
entirely destroy the Medicare system and put the lives of Utah’s seniors in
dire jeopardy,” stated Agenda Project Action Fund President Erik Altieri.
“Paul Ryan needs Mia Love to be re-elected so the extreme conservatives
can continue their stranglehold on the American government. That is why
Paul Ryan is in Salt Lake City so early in the campaign to raise money for
Love’s campaign. It is why we are weighing in to make sure Utahns
understand where these candidates stand on the issues that matter to their
daily lives.”
The Alliance for a Better Utah is a multi-issue advocacy organization based
in Salt Lake City. The group seeks to drive a public narrative and hold
elected officials accountable to their constituents. The Agenda Project
Action Fund is a national non-profit organization whose goal is to build a
powerful, intelligent, well-connected political movement capable of
identifying and advancing rational, effective ideas in the public debate
and in so doing ensure our country’s enduring success.

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