Big business pulling the strings at Standing Rock & using Sioux tribe: Part 2

by Monte Wells

The big question is why did George Soros mobilize Earthjustice, the media, and all the other groups involved in the Standing Rock protest? It’s no secret that George Soros uses his network of non-profit foundations to push his private crusade for a “New World Order” that is old news.

What we didn’t know until now was why Soros mobilized his network to oppose the Dakota Access Pipeline and how it was going to negatively affect him. The pipeline will financially hit the Burlington Northern Railroad (BNSF) very hard when they quit transporting the oil above ground by rail.

The Dakota Access Pipeline can eliminate up to 500–740 rail cars, and/or 250+ trucks needed to transport crude every day.

The main railroad company that stands to loose millions is the Burlington Northern Railroad BNSF who is owned by Berkshire Hathaway.

(c) 2010 Chris Paulhamus
Burlington Northern Railroad BNSF lines

Berkshire Hathaway is owned by multi-billionaire Warren Buffett. This is not the first time Warren Buffett has faced losing millions because of an oil pipeline. Just a few years ago the Keystone XL Pipeline was in the works. It ran into trouble when President Obama who is friends with Warren Buffett shut it down.

As Investor’s Business Daily noted in a 2011 editorial:

“Killing the Keystone XL pipeline may help one of the world’s richest men get richer. North Dakota’s booming oil fields will now grow more dependent on a railroad the president’s economic guru just bought….

As oil production ramps up in the Bakken fields of North Dakota, plans to use the pipeline to transport it have been dashed.

As a result, North Dakota’s booming oil producers will have to rely even more on the Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) railroad, which Buffett just bought, to ship it to refineries.”

In an article by Forbes dated March 3, 2014, the author pointed out how much Warren Buffett has benefited from the Keystone pipeline being shut down in just for years.

“Berkshire Hathaway purchased Burlington Northern Santa Fe for $34 billion four years ago. FORBES estimates its value has doubled since then. Part of the reason: hauling oil out of the Bakken formation of North Dakota.”

It stands to reason that Warren Buffett who has a net worth of over $65 billion (as of March 2016) would have no problem using his network of power and influence to prevent a vital oil pipeline or to take over the production and transmission of all power in the western United States. It’s not hard to imagine that he would do anything to protect his investments.

Warren Buffett doesn’t appear to be going after this alone. Another player is lurking behind the scenes. He was originally identified by looking into the Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) railroads union. The union the BNSF belongs to is the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen (BLET) who is part of AFL-CIO Union foundations who is a client of Earthjustice.

The AFL-CIO is funded through the Open Society Foundations (OSF) which is a nonprofit organization that George Soros has called his think tank. With the BNSF facing a loss of millions of dollars at the completion of the pipeline, it’s not unreasonable to assume that the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen (BLET) union would suffer as well. The negative financial affect of the pipeline will affect the AFL-CIO Union Foundation, Open Society Foundation, clients of Earthjustice, and the man at the top of it all is George Soros. This is just one of the connections between Buffett and Soros that appear to tie them together in funding and orchestrating the Standing Rock Protest.

The role Buffett and Soros are playing to stop the pipeline seems rather clear and they are using their network of multi-layered non-profit foundations to mislead the people into believing the Native Americans are being victimized by big business. The reality is Buffett and Soros appear to be manipulating and victimizing both sides of the issue for personal gain and their business interests.

Buffet and Soros don’t appear to be going after the DAPL alone. There is also a group of wall street investors and those that control the private central bank (PCB) that appear to have an interest in stopping the DAPL as well to get back at the state of North Dakota and the state Bank of North Dakota.

To understand why this group of wall street and PCB are involved we need to go back to 1912 prior to the Federal Reserve Act. Before the Federal Reserve Act was passed in 1913 the United States Congress under Article I Section 8 was the only entity permitted to coin money and to regulate its value. Despite this in 1913 the Federal Reserve Act was passed which violated the US Constitution and transferred that power to a private entity called the Federal Reserve. With this, the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank was created and put this power in the hands of a few select private businessmen. These men are referred to as the Board of Governors. This was the beginning of the Private Central Banking system.

Then in 1919 the State of North Dakota “established the Bank of North Dakota (BND) and the North Dakota Mill and Elevator Association. BND opened July 28, 1919, with $2 million of capital.” As a result, the State of North Dakota kept their money in the state and working for them.

“The BND has had record profits for the last 12 years, each year outperforming the last. In 2015 it reported $130.7 million in earnings, total assets of $7.4 billion, capital of $749 million, and a return on investment of a whopping 18.1 percent. Its lending portfolio grew by $486 million, a 12.7 percent increase, with growth in all four of its areas of concentration: agriculture, business, residential, and student loans.”

It is estimated that North Dakota has saved around $300 million dollars over the last 10 years. That is $300 million dollars that would have been paid in fees and interest to investment firms and the PCB.

Basically, the BND doesn’t use Wall Street and the PCB to manage the state, county, city, and school systems investment pools like all the other states do today. Typically when a state, city, county, or school district saves money they put it into some kind of “State Investment Pool”. Those moneys are sent to Wall Street to be invested and to PCB for other reasons. The Utah Public Treasurers’ Investment Fund (PTIF) describes it this way;

“All available funds are invested each day at competitive interest rates. The primary investment instruments used are bank certificates of deposit, commercial paper, short-term corporate notes, and obligations of the U. S. Treasury and government agencies.”

These funds are subject to different investment fees that are collected by the investment companies on Wall Street and the PCB’s charges interest rate fees. All of these fees come out of the State Investment Pool and can run into the millions. The Bank of North Dakota saves that expense by managing their own money and by putting the money back into the state and its citizens.

“In November 2014, the Wall Street Journal reported that the Bank of North Dakota (BND), the nation’s only state-owned depository bank, was more profitable even than J.P. Morgan Chase and Goldman Sachs. The author attributed this remarkable performance to the state’s oil boom; but the boom has now become an oil bust, yet the BND’s profits continue to climb. Its 2015 Annual Report, published on April 20th, boasted its most profitable year ever.”

Due to North Dakota doing so well there are other states now looking into creating their own state banks. This creates a big problem for the wall street investors and the PCB and it wouldn’t be a stretch to assume that they would love to see the economy of North Dakota fail along with the Bank of North Dakota.

What better way to make this happen than to stop the state’s resources from making it to market. At the very least make it cost two or three times that it should get them there. There are many ways that the economy of North Dakota can be influenced by wall street and the PCB.

This brings us back to establishing more of the network and influence that is at the fingertips of Buffett, Soro’s and the PCB. With a little research, it doesn’t take long to find the connections between the Democratic Party, Obama Administration, PCB, George Soros, Warren Buffett, and the network of non-profit environmental organizations.

Connections between Federal Government, PCB, and the Environmental non-profit industry

“Former Vice President Al Gore and David Blood, former CEO of Goldman Sachs Asset Management, founded General Investment Management LLP (GIM) in 2004 and established its non-profit arm, the Generation Foundation, in 2005. Gore serves as GIM’s Chairman; Blood is the Senior Partner. Heading GIM’s U.S. business is Peter S. Knight, who was Gore’s Chief of Staff from 1977 to 1989, manager of President Bill Clinton’s 1996 re-election campaign, and the former Washington lobbyist for Molten Metal Technology Inc., which was run by Maurice Strong, a powerfully connected environmentalist and longtime associate of Gore. GIM’s organizational partners are the Al Gore-founded Alliance for Climate Protection and its affiliated Climate Project, the Global Impact Investing Network, the Mistra Foundation, the Natural Resources Defense Council, and the World Resources Institute.”

These foundations and organizations have intertwined themselves into our local, state, and the federal government over the years. For example the former United States Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson (2006–2009). Henry Merritt “Hank” Paulson, Jr. was the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Goldman Sachs.

“The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. is an American multinational finance company that engages in global investment banking, investment management, securities, and other financial services, primarily with institutional clients.”

He also served “as vice chairman and, later, chairman of The Nature Conservancy (TNC), which is an environmental group that acquires private lands to place them permanently off-limits to commercial and residential uses. “ TNC receive donations and grants from a number of different sources;

Between 2001 and 2004, TNC received more than 1,200 grants from scores of charitable foundations, including the Bank of America Charitable Foundation, the Blue Moon Fund, the ChevronTexaco Foundation, the Columbia Foundation, the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, the Educational Foundation of America, the Ford Foundation, the Foundation for Deep Ecology, the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation, the J.M. Kaplan Fund, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, the Joyce Foundation, the Minneapolis Foundation, the Prospect Hill Foundation, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, the Simons Foundation, the Surdna Foundation, the Turner Foundation, the Vira I. Heinz Endowment, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, and the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation.

Another source of money for TNC has been the Wyss Foundation who has donated millions to TNC. Most recently The Wyss Foundation was identified by Range Magazine’s winter 2016/2017 issue as donating $1.5 million to the Conservation Lands Foundation to assist in getting President Obama to designate the new Bears Ears National Monument in San Juan County Utah.

With such power, resources, and influence there is little that these folks can not achieve. The American people on both sides of the issue of the environmental movement are being manipulated and played against each other by the same puppet master.

Standing Rock has been a textbook example of how a few elitist and the private central bank use and fund the non-profit environmental industry to achieve their personal goals. The industries entire purpose is to manipulate people all over the world for nothing more than acquiring more power, money, and control over everything.

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