Big nothing burger

“Here is the reality. The Kremlin-owned and operated the media in the sense that the media did exactly what Vladimir Putin wanted. What Putin wanted was to interfere in the election and then have the media run with whatever narrative they felt was most conducive to their point of view and tear the country apart, and they did it with ease!” – Ben Shapiro, The Daily Wire

By David Rogers

After nearly two years, over twenty-five million dollars, nineteen attorneys and hundreds of witnesses, thousands of subpoenas and endless media harangues, the Mueller report has been released and comes up with…nothing. At least nothing insofar as President Trump and his campaign are concerned.

The lives of several people were ruined over unrelated charges and a general pallor was cast over the country as the constant media firestorm surrounding these events has convinced a fair portion of voters that Donald Trump must be guilty of something. Confirmation bias is a tough nut to crack politically speaking. So where does all of this leave us, and where do we go from here?

What becomes most obvious from all of these shenanigans is that the entire premise of the investigation was flawed to begin with. Sean Hannity and others practicing actual journalism have turned up strong evidence that the Steele dossier, funded by the Clintons and fabricated with half-truths and hearsay for a FISA court, was an illicit premise upon which to launch this entire “investigation”. Mueller was hired and immediately assembled a team of prosecutors all with deep ties to Clinton, including Mueller himself. The political agenda overpowered the criminal premise from the beginning.

The strategy was to cast a shadow of doubt and illegitimacy across the entire Trump presidency, regardless of lack of evidence or political fallout. And that shadow has been constant for almost two years. I doubt we will hear any apologies from the incessantly clamoring politicians or fake-news media that ran with this false narrative for the duration. The scars left on the Trump administration are real however, and not in the best interests of the country.

And with that strategy, the Democrats, still backed by Clinton and supported by the lapdog media, have succeeded to some extent. Nevertheless, the average American is a pretty fair minded individual. They do not like to be fed a constant stream of nonsense and be told it is factual and important. The Democrats, led by Jerry Nadler and others, are now declaring that the report fails to support the official denigrating expectations associated with the investigation and that Mueller was not thorough or effective and may even be complicit in covering up facts. Nadler believes it is now up to the House Judiciary Committee to get to the bottom of things.

Adam Schiff just declared on CNN that there was “clear evidence of obstruction” even though the report and Attorney General Barr’s summary states just the opposite. Nadler’s committee is issuing requests and subpoenas of eighty one parties seeking to launch further investigations and “get to the facts”, as if Mueller and his team missed something. As one shadow dissipates, the Democrats are determined to cast a new and equivocal shadow. It is a fine version of political double jeopardy.

If the Democrats want to keep employing “Destroy Trump” tactics when the two prior years amounted to nothing, the country will weary quickly of such games and the Democrats will find themselves without a definable platform in 2020, offering combativeness in lieu of any helpful policy. Any savvy political consultant will agree that is not a winning strategy.

In short, if the Democrats and their captive media want to continue to pursue a direction that is the political equivalent of tilting at windmills, they have already done the work that Putin or any other avowed adversary of the United States would endorse. They will continue to sow the seeds of division and seek to discredit a duly elected President and stymie his agenda. They seek this not from a position of beneficial policy, but from a position of contentious political attack. To suggest such tactics could backfire is an understatement.

Everyone needs to put this nonsense behind them and return to the business of governing our nation and focusing on important real-world issues. As fingers are pointed at the President accusing him of divisiveness, further prosecution from a Democrat Congress searching for an elusive crime will yield true ineffectiveness and division. It is time to exhale and move on.

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