Bishop’s Public Lands Initiative is only a smoke screen

The Public Lands Initiative (PLI) will consolidate State lands into energy corridors, create new wilderness, and national conservation areas.  It’s being marketed as the bill to end all land disputes. There has been several thousand public meetings according to those promoting the PLI  in order to build it from the bottom up.  Congressman Bishop and Chaffetz know that not everyone will be happy but during an interview on “Inside Utah”  they said this bill is a good thing for Utah.  

by Monte Wells
by Monte Wells

Governor Herbert made a statement that the people that speak out against the bill are upset because they didn’t get what they wanted.  People appear to be complaining about the PLI more because they feel it is a violation of the US Constitution and state rights, not because they aren’t getting what they want.   

This bill is not about protection of the lands it’s about money and power.

After over two years of research The Petroglyph has written several article showing who the players are behind the PLI.  All the protection talk concerning Wilderness Areas, National Conservation Areas and so on appears to be just a diversion or smoke screen to keep people from seeing what is really happening. What is really happening is the state, big business, and the federal government (BLM) have brokered a deal at the expense of the citizens.

The following is a timeline showing a small portion of our research.


Energy Corridors seem like they might be a good idea but lets look at who is behind them.  One of the biggest energy companies in the western states is Pacificorp and they own  has been pushing for since at least 2008. It gives the federal government greater control over federal lands, it has a hug negative affect on the cattle ranchers and recreation. This totally undermine Utah’s rural economy and will have a negative affect on urban Utah as well.

This so-called bottom up approach is a touchy feel good statement to make everyone feel warm a fuzzy while their lively hood is being destroyed.

In 2008 the 368 Energy Corridor was released by the government showing all the energy corridors government agencies like the BLM, USFS, DOE, and US Fish & Wildlife wanted across the western states.  These corridors would directly benefit one of the largest energy companies in the western states Pacificorp as they move to take over the entire power grid for the western states (Proposed Section 368 Energy Corridors with Major Visual and Cultural Resources-November 2008).

2009 Utah Recreational Land Exchange Act was passed by allow a quicker process to exchange SITLA land in San Juan County and Grand County.

9/7/2011 K2O Potash putout a map showing the energy corridor that would include the land they were wanting to mine for potash. Along with Commissioner Adams they tried to get Commissioner Lyman to support their plan. Lyman refused.

June 18, 2013 Commissioner Adams presents the counties proposal in a Dine Bikeyah lands bill public meeting.

August 7, 2013 Utah State Lands presented their proposal to the PLI illustrating all the SITLA land exchanges and the energy corridors.

August 9, 2013 Bishop and Chaffetz come to San Juan County for the kick off of the PLI. The Petroglyph along with Zeb Dalton spread the word about the PLI and showed people the map that Commissioner Adams presented in June. This lead to a standing room only welcoming to Chaffetz and Bishop of county citizens that opposed the PLI.

As a result the county organized a citizen lands team to address the issue. The map the presented to the county 2 years later looked similar to the one Commissioner Adams present in 2013. This is the proposal that the county has refused to include Recapture Canyon as part of the counties inventory despite Commissioner Lyman continually reminding them.

What is this about?

It’s not about protecting anything it’s about money and power. When you follow the trail of money and who are the big players it leads back to those making bank on this deal PacfiCorp, Utah State Lands, BLM, and others.

WWEC – Exhibit a to Settlement AgreementMONTANA

In San Juan County there appears to be favoritism and corruption related to the PLI.

This PLI also appears to have connections to a lot of other issue throughout Utah and the west such as;

After looking over this document ask yourself what would be the easiest way to create energy corridors with state lands?  When there are designations of Wilderness, National Conservation Areas, etc the state lands have to be removed. So if you get a lands bill/ initiative passed then it will automatically transfer the state lands for energy corridors.  Now think about how militaristic the Bureau of Land Management and the US Forest Service has gotten in the last 10 years.  Why have they been closing access, blocking oil & Gas and mineral leases and so on?  To answer your question take a look at their involvement with the PLI and the creation of all these corridors.

This is what the Utah, and western states lands bills are all about, and why agencies like the BLM are going after citizens that stand in their way.

Western Energy Corridors Designation EPAct Section 368

386 supports one company such as Pacificorp controlling the power grid for 11 western states.  One company controls it all and because of this act and the Renewable Energy Act small power companies are driven out of business or purchased by Pacificorp.

Energy Corridor Planning for Increased Electrical Grid Reliability

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