BLM Director Juan Palma gave permission for the Recapture Canyon Protest

Utah BLM Director Juan Palma
Utah BLM Director Juan Palma

On May 10, 2014, over 200 protesters from all over the state of Utah and neighboring states held a peaceful protest in Blanding, Utah opposing the abuse and mismanagement of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in San Juan County.  Part of the protest was carried out on a regularly traveled and maintained county pipeline road in Recapture Canyon.  Permission was received from the Water Master of San Juan County who oversees the pipeline.  BLM Director Juan Palma himself gave permission directly to Commissioner Phil Lyman in a phone call on May 1st, just 9 days prior to the protest.

Palma denied ever giving permission to Commissioner Lyman while on the stand testifying in Federal Court, at least until confronted with the following recording.  Despite the importance of this recording, and Palma confirmation that it was him on the recording talking with Lyman, the recording was not allowed into evidence and the jury never heard it.

As a result San Juan County Commissioner Lyman and others were charged with conspiracy to ride a closed trail and trespassing on a closed trail.  The jury was not allowed to hear this recording nor were they allowed to see the county right of way documents that would have shown that the county right of way was never closed.

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