Border Wars

By David Rogers

The newest strategy by the left to delegitimize the Trump administration and foment division is to blame Trump for policies on the U.S Border. Of course, every failing policy from past administrations is now Trump’s fault, even when he tries to correct them. The media recently exploded with accounts of “children separated from families at the border”. Cries of inhumanity began to circulate in prime time news. The new reality is peddled as “Racist Trump” or “Nazi Trump” implementing dehumanizing immigration policies at the borders. However, there are several difficulties with these reports and the left has just brought more questions to light than answers.

The first problem is that such policies have been in place for decades. The same laws that Trump now must legally enforce existed during Obama, Bush and others. To blame Trump for the inherited mess is ludicrous, and most observers see right through the stunt. Second, as actual “journalists” start looking into the situation they are not finding inhumane treatment, rather they are seeing immigrant children being treated better than our own school children.

Shining a light on this issue has backfired on the left. This has not stopped extremists like New York Mayor Bill de Blasio from heading to Texas to grandstand and declare “This is not who we are”. The media hysteria has sparked leftist activist misbehavior as Trump cabinet members are kicked out of restaurants or confronted by mobs in the street screaming “Why are you separating the kids”. The problem is, all of this backlash is based on misinformation, making supposed Trump haters look all the more unhinged.

The image of Maxine Waters screaming into a crowd that any Trump cabinet member should be driven from our restaurants and streets should be chilling to anyone who desires a free society of rights and ideas. And yet, the events this hysteria is based on are carefully fabricated, making the extreme behavior that much more unacceptable. Such extreme reaction without vetting facts looks bad for all involved. If this is a strategy to solidify more Democrat seats in November, this could backfire in a big way.

Historically, mid-term elections favor the party out of power. We may see an exception this year as the alleged “Blue Wave” trickles out in rivulets of feigned social injustice. As the farthest left elements double down and seek to manufacture any “Trump is evil” scenario they can imagine, the average middle-of-the-road voter is likely aghast at such overblown insolence. The left’s biggest problem is that Trump’s policies in other areas are starting to work. He is effective in many areas. And Trump is beginning to learn how to communicate his positions with greater clarity and less bluster. The more voters see, the more they like. Bad news for Democrats.

And even worse, the manufactured border crisis has raised numerous questions that the average voter might not have considered previously. We are now asking ourselves: How have all these children gotten to our border? What is the relationship between the immigrant inflow and the drug cartels? Why are media sources printing old or manufactured pictures (i.e. the Time magazine cover) and calling them authentic? Why are reports of human trafficking from the Mexican side so disturbing? Why has Congress not fixed this problem? Why have we not enforced immigration law consistently in the past?

The further we dig into this issue, the more our past administrations and Congresses (mostly dominated by Democrats until recently) come into question. The right’s exploitation of immigrant labor and the left’s desire to have a permanent underclass of dependent voters is starting to come into clearer focus. And neither reason for the current crisis sits well with the Average Joe.

Immigration needs reform. This is an indisputable fact. But the real inhumanity is the convoluted policy inviting years of mass illegal immigration, forcing immigrants who came to America into a sort of no-mans-land of ill-enforced or unenforced laws. Such a situation makes actually enforcing existing law and policy seem cruel somehow. However such policies are necessary if any order and sovereignty are to be re-established within our country.

Candidates like Cynthia Nixon appear deluded as they propose solutions to the problem by dissolving ICE and creating open borders. The whole process makes the rational discussion more difficult as the press and the left seeks polarization; demanding amnesty and open borders thus creating more acute problems in the future. Expect these issues at the forefront in November, with hopefully a bit more truth and accuracy in the presentation.

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