A Brief Look at Candidates for Utah County Republican Party Leadership

I am excited for elections for Utah County Republican Party officers. We have plenty of quality candidates who would all do fine but we must choose only one for each position.

I attended the debate held on April 9th and this is some of the information I gathered. I realize that not everybody could attend so I thought I would do a write up to show the strengths and weaknesses I have found in each candidate.


Kristen ChevrierAs an education officer I have worked with Kristen and she has done a fabulous job in that position. She has worked hard to help train leg district education officers and make sure that people who want to learn Robert’s Rules have that opportunity. She believes that the party is the best way to promote conservative principles into legislation.

Becky PirenteBecky Pirente: I have known Becky for years and worked with her on several campaigns. Becky has done well and worked as the Executive Director of the county party recently. Becky’s vision for the party is to use it to train future leaders to run as elected officials. She has experience recruiting and training many volunteers.

Vice Chair

Kevin Braddy: Kevin made it very clear that he is very much against Common Core and has spent the last three years fighting against it. He is currently the legislative chair of District 27 and said he would spend most of his time doing whatever the chair asked him to do in a supportive role. He wants to help train precinct chairs to gathering and enter voting information on caucus night to run much smoother.

Ben Summerhalder: Ben is currently the public relations officer for the Utah County Republican Party and wants to work with other party officers in addressing party challenges. He stated he is very serious about performing his duties. Ben feels that communication is very important and wants to spend less time on bylaws and more time on resolutions and issues. He also wants to devote more effort to help candidates and elected officials in being effective and accountable in their jobs. He stated that he can work with anybody that is reasonable and civil.

Scott Ward:  Scott is the vice chair of the audit committee, which selects and auditor to audit the party. Scott feels it is his duty to be involved and values somebody who is a fair and honest leader. He believes in prioritizing goals and holding people accountable. Scott thinks that using skills like those found in Crucial Conversations is a good step towards solving intra-party fighting and keep everybody focused on a common objective of electing Republicans to office. He also wants to find a way to not support candidates who bypass the convention system.


Wendi BaggaleyWendi has quite a diverse history when it comes to volunteer work. Wendi wants to make sure we have a fair parliamentarian, and wants to make sure we spend plenty of time doing important, non-urgent tasks to improve the party.

Craig-Frank-PhotoCraig FrankCraig has served time as an elected official and feels he owes the party for the help he received. He is now an empty nester and feels he can take on this challenge of being the party chair. He knows how to use parliamentary procedure to get things done and wants to make sure he is fair to everybody.

Craig ended his time in the legislature when he realized that the maps were wrong and he no longer lived in his district. When he learned of this, he immediately resigned. This was a great display of integrity.

Kirby GladKirby GladKirby feels it is his duty to do his part to serve. He has done a great job as the party secretary. Kirby is also one of only five parliamentarians in the state. He also stated that he would use his team better to make sure that nobody had to bear too much of the load when demands were high.  Kirby has done a great job trying to promote technology in the party and has worked on an app to make voting at caucus night go much quicker.

CoryMaloyCory MaloyCory wants to use the party to help get back to Republican Principles. He wants to make sure he works well with his executive team to move the party forward. He wants to work towards unifying the party to a united front. He wants to make sure that we support our candidates and wants to raise significant funds to do that. He also wants to support candidates and delegates with navigating the new approach to the caucus system.

The convention is Saturday, April 18 at Mountain View High School with credentialing starting at 7:30 AM.

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