The bright side of President Trump

by John English

I wanted to look for the positive aspects of President Trump. Look on the bright side.

1. AMERICA’S RENEWED APPRECIATION FOR THE CONSTITUTION – Not hearing as much about the Constitution being an outdated document so much as “Oh my goodness, let’s study every single clause in this thing and be glad it’s still ours.” Before President Trump, how many people actually knew what the Emolument Clause was? It also makes what normal Republicans have been saying about checks and balances and limited government sound like a great idea. Let’s see if they mean it.

2. THE IGNOMINIOUS WAKE OF HARRY REID – Harry Reid blew apart the rules of the Senate, as he couldn’t deal with increased polarization in politics. So he made them even more polarized. We’re at an all-time high for polarization. Not since Preston Brooks beat Sen. Charles Sumner with his cane have Senate relations been this bad. Now the Republicans have the nuclear option as very viable, and all Chuck Schumer and the other Democrats can do is beg for mercy. Why is this a bright side in the Trump presidency? Because Democrats will be that much more motivated to join Republicans in flexing that Legislative muscle as one third of the branches of government against the Executive.

3. THE SUPREME COURT – The biggest gamble that paid off for the GOP was to declare a new standard, that the President couldn’t pick a Supreme Court nominee in his final year of office if the opposing party held the legislative majority. Scalia’s sudden death was not what the Judicial branch needed. Neil Gorsuch is a solid conservative judge and worthy heir to Scalia’s seat. He’ll status-quo the balance of what the Court was before Scalia’s death. If Kennedy does resign, the most magnanimous candidate Trump could pick is Merrick Garland. (He won’t, but…) I’d say to Democrats, Gorsuch is not the hill you want to die on. The next Justice will be.

4. SOME OF HIS CABINET – James Mattis and John Kelly are home runs. Have to be very pleased with picks like Elaine Chao. I love that Nikki Haley is the one representing the US at the UN. Some picks might be more questionable, but I think they’ll still be okay, like Rick Perry in Energy. The more grown-ups in his Cabinet, the less stressed I can feel about President Trump starting World War III. Now if one or more of his better picks resigns in his first year, it’d be a disaster.

5. EVERYONE ELSE LOOKS SANER – Political rhetoric has gotten out of control. Everyone’s the next Hitler. Now that we have an actual narcissist in the White House, I’m seeing partisans like Bill Maher say “You know what? It was wrong to demonize John McCain and Mitt Romney the way we did. They were good men where we just disagreed.” The tiny little naive optimist that lives inside me hopes this mean that post-Trump, we can have some calmer rhetoric from the louder voices. The bigger cynical pessimist in me is rolling his eyes but not saying anything.

6. HYPOCRISY EXPOSED – Every time the shoe is on the other foot, we get some hypocrisy exposed. Always good to see who believes what they believe simply because their side is or isn’t in power. I offer no specifics. You know you’ve seen it.

7. THE ASHES PHASE OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY – If Trump had lost, the Republican party would have been burned to the ground, and there would be major soul-searching. Instead, the Democrats find themselves in that position. The loser must always get introspective. There was some looking inward when Romney lost to President Obama in 2012, but you know, Obama was the Michael Jordan of campaigners. But now the Democrats are like the Bulls when MJ retired in 1998. Pretty bare cupboard. Smallest margins of governorships, state houses, states senates, etc., in a hundred years. In order to have a phoenix rise from the ashes, you have to first burn down and become ashes.

8. NO CLINTONS IN THE WHITE HOUSE – I was really not looking forward to that.

9. TWITTER – There’s been some bad Twitter post-election, but @TrumpDraws and @FutureCNN are golden.

Some side notes:

– Stop saying the “Tolerant Left.” It’s always said sarcastically.

– Networks: Pre-record your interviews with Kellyanne Conway. When I look at how Karl Rove or David Axelrod were on TV, they were nothing like Conway. No lie is too outrageous, and no sentence has too many words. She filibusters and misdirects in every interview, so just pre-record them so you can have your fact-checks to give immediately afterward if you weren’t on the ball in the moment. I’d just as soon not have Conway on TV. The only thing she’s good for at this point is to provide fun gaffes like “alternative facts” and “the Bowling Green massacre.”

– If Breitbart’s resident gay white nationalist Milo Yiannapoulos wants to speak at a college near you, encourage the school to not allow him on campus, but if he gets to speak, ignore him. Don’t go. Don’t assault people who do go. Don’t vandalize your surroundings. It’s what he wants.

– Someone in the White House, please set up his Twitter account so that no one can see it. Treat President Trump as though everyone can see his tweets, but the world would be better off not seeing his tweets.

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