BUZZ: CMV press conference postponed; still negotiating

Count My VoteWith discussions ongoing, the Saturday morning press conference announcing the end of the Count My Vote initiative has been postponed.

Early yesterday evening, leaks began to announce that an accord had been reached between legislators behind SB54, which would effectively nullify the Count My Vote initiative, and Count My Vote principals.

The agreement would allow for an alternative path to the primary ballot that involved collection of a certain number of signatures, depending on the political subdivision. The rumor is that state wide elections would require 27,000 signatures, Congressional districts would require 7,000 signatures, and so on.

While details are unclear about why the press conference was postponed, it is clear that negotiations are ongoing and that the parties are working to find a solution.

It can be assumed that as word of the initiative’s end started to leak, supporters on both sides started to call their legislators and members of Count My Vote to express their displeasure that after nearly a year of work, County My Vote was about to agree to a resolution that put them back at the same place they began.

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