Buzz: Dana Layton reports no expenditures in the LD60 race

Rep. Dana Layton of the Utah House of Representatives.
Rep. Dana Layton of the Utah House of Representatives.

Candidates have started filing their pre-convention disclosure reports and Dana Layton’s seems to have a serious discrepancy. While she lists a balance forward from her previous campaign and a $500 donation from Utah Bankers Association PAC, she doesn’t any expenditures at all. Assuming she had to at least pay a filing fee to run, this would seem to be a completely inaccurate report. This comes after missing the disclosure filing deadline earlier this week. That could raise questions from her challenger, Brad Daw, who was defeated in 2012 following a “dark money” campaign involving Jason Powers, John Swallow, and the payday loan industry.

You can view Rep Layton’s disclosure report on the Lt. Governor’s disclosures website.

UPDATE: As of Thursday April 10, her disclosures have been updated to the Lt. Gov.’s website.

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