BUZZ: Governor Announces State School Board Candidates

Vote HereToday Governor Herbert announced the candidates for the State School Board.  Candidates for the Board are vetted through a nominating and recruiting committee, then selected by the Governor.  The following candidates will be appearing on the ballot in November:

District 1

David L Clark
Terryl Warner (incumbent)

District 2

Spencer F Stokes
Willard Z Maughan

District 3

Michael G. Jensen (incumbent)
Linda Hansen

District 5

Mark Bouchard
Laura Collier Belnap

District 6

Dan Griffiths (incumbent)
Brittany Cummins

District 9

Joylin Lincoln
Heather Groom (incumbent)

District 14

Mike Miles
Mark HuntsmanBt4wkdnIIAA4Lzr

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