BUZZ: Governor Gary Herbert Vetos HB385 At Lockhart Family Request

At the request of the family of former Speaker Becky Lockhart, Governor Gary Herbert has vetoed HB385.

In a statement Herbert indicated that he had spoken with Stan Lockhart, Becky Lockhart’s husband.

“This afternoon, I received a phone call from Stan Lockhart who requested I veto the bill and I have opted to honor his wishes,” said Gov. Herbert. “While I am disappointed by the controversy that seemed to diminish the Legislature’s recognition of Speaker Lockhart, I am committed to working with lawmakers and the Lockhart family to find an appropriate memorial to honor the memory of this historic leader.”

In an email, Utah House Clerk Sandy Tenney confirmed to members of the House of Representatives that Stan Lockhart had requested the veto.

Please be aware that today the Governor has vetoed HB 385, Memorial Highway Designation (Stratton).

Rep. Stratton wants you to understand that this veto was requested by Stan Lockhart.   Rep. Stratton has had multiple conversations over the last few days with Stan on this issue.  Stan personally contacted the Governor and made the request that the Governor veto HB 385.

Stan wants each of you to know how much he appreciates the kindness and support that have been extended to him (and his family) over the past few months.

Rep. Stratton indicates that further discussions may take place in the coming months regarding ways to honor the service and legacy of former Speaker Becky Lockhart.

The bill evoked some controversy when veterans protested that a portion of the Veterans Highway would be renamed after the former speaker, who passed away earlier this year from a degenerative disease.

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