BUZZ: Judge Waddoups Rules State School Board Election Process Unconstitutional

Vote_12345On Friday, Judge Clark Waddoups ruled the process by which State School Board Candidates appear on the ballot is unconstitutional, though did not give a remedy.

State School Board candidates are interviewed by the Governor’s Nominating and Recruiting Committee, which selects at least three names to forward to the Governor.  The Governor then selects the two names that appear on the November ballot.  Breck England, a candidate for District 5, was eliminated following the interviews by the committee.  He quickly filed a complaint.  Pat Rusk, a candidate from District 6, also joined the suit.

Friday’s ruling leaves everyone a little in the dark.  While Waddoups ruled the process unconstitutional, he also stated orally he did not believe he could add candidates to the ballot, the remedy England and Rusk were seeking.  The parties will meet again on Thursday to discuss an appropriate remedy.

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