Buzz: Legislators are considering instant runnoff voting (IRV) in 2015

Vote_12345Hot on the heals of the Count My Vote changes to Utah’s nomination system that in SB54, passed in the 2014 Utah Legislative Session, the rumor mill is churning with a possible change to primary elections as early as 2015.

Our sources say that Republican legislators are mulling a change that would implement instant runoff voting (IRV).

IRV is similar to the multiple rounds of voting method currently used in the caucus/convention system by the major political parties in Utah.

In IRV, voters rank the candidates on their ballot in order of preference. If their first choice comes in last and no candidate has a majority, their votes are redistributed to the next choice until a candidate accrues enough votes to pass the 50% threshold.

Without this change, it’s possible that multiple challengers would appear on the primary ballot and the eventual party nominee may not have a majority vote.

For more on election changes, read our previous article on electoral reform.

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