BUZZ: Reporter Billy Hesterman named VP of Utah Taxpayers Assoc

photo credit: Scott Sommerdorf
photo credit: Scott Sommerdorf

The Utah Taxpayers Association just announced on Facebook and Twitter that Billy Hesterman, political reporter for the Daily Herald, has been named their new vice-president. Hesterman will be replacing Royce Van Tassell, who is leaving to become the executive director of the Utah Association of Public Charter Schools.

Senator Howard Stephenson, president of the UTA (no, not THAT UTA) said “Billy’s unique combination as a hard-nosed political reporter and disarming, happy demeanor makes him an ideal representative for the Association.”

Billy will now be trading in his PRESS badge for a new, handy-dandy lobbyist badge. As it turns out, those badges were a stroke of brilliance since so many lobbyists are playing musical chairs this year. Now legislators can keep them all straight – at least as long as they can unobtrusively try to read the badge of the person they are talking to.


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