BUZZ: Utah GOP Chair Spells Out Opposition to SB54/Count My Vote

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In an email, Utah Republican Party Chair James Even’s spelled out reasons the GOP opposes allowing last year’s SB54 to go into effect without modification.

In the email, Evans says that the legislation is problematic for eight reasons. Included among these reasons are that the legislation does not require that Republican candidates be Republicans, that Republican candidates obtain signatures from Republicans to get on the ballot, or to even win the nomination with a majority of the primary vote.

1)      The SB 54 compromise allows candidates who are not Republicans to run on the ballot as Republicans.

2)      It allows a candidate to be on the Republican primary ballot without having to get one Republican signature.

3)      It allows someone to win a Republican primary with as little as 10 percent of the vote, because there is no majority vote requirement.

4)      It forces the Utah Republican Party to have all 29 county conventions in a two week period.

5)      It does not allow the Republican Party to ensure that candidates running on the Republican primary ballot even acknowledge that they support the Republican Party’s platform.

6)      Count My Vote has never been about increasing voter participation. It has always been about finding another and easier way to gain access to the Republican Party brand, and they are using the appeal of increasing voter participation as the rallying cry to do it.

7)      We have one state convention in 2015 to make all the required changes to comply with the aggressive 2016 timeline.

8)      If we can’t comply with the SB 54 requirements in time, Republicans may not be on the ballot in 2016.

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