Candidates for Cache County GOP leadership (2019)

by John Mulholland

It is that time of the election cycle again to choose leadership for the Cache County Republican Party. There are competitive races for both chair and vice-chair and a new location for the organizing convention, held this April 12 from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm at the Cache County Fairgrounds and Event Center. More information can be found at Here’s just a little information on the folks running for party leadership.

For Chair:


  • Chris Booth
Chris Booth

Chris currently serves as the party chair up in Cache County. He said that they are 100% Republican up in Cache. There aren’t any big issues but there are some things to clean up. If people see a problem, they should help, not just complain.

One change happening this year is to hold the convention at the Cache County Fairgrounds instead of Mt Logan Middle School, which has limited parking. Chris also sees a need to restore relationships with donors, many of which have fled due to the SB54 lawsuit. With the Supreme Court declining to hear the case, it is settled law now. He is done fighting it as a party and sees a strong need to improve the caucus system.

Another thing he wants to restore is the party’s relationship with legislators. He said that people need to check their egos at the door and we need to get rid of factions in the SCC. Chris was against even forming a committee to investigate the party chair. He said they should have been talking about why the party lost seats and what they would do about it.

Chris is focused on civility, signing the civility pledge,  and transparency. He has a proposed bylaw change for the county which would require SCC members to report back to the county as to how they voted.

  • Andrew Lillywhite

    Andrew Lillywhite

Andrew Declined to be interviewed.





For Vice-Chair:

  • Shellie Giddings
Shellie Giddings

Shellie has been involved in the party since 2012 and has served a precinct chair and vice chair. She was heavily involved with Rep Snyder’s campaign as well.

Shellie has a Masters in Curriculum Instruction. She has been asked by the current chair to work on high school education curriculum about the caucus system. This is so high school students throughout the state better understand the caucus system. Her daughter, a state champion in debate, asked her for some pocket constitutions. She was able to get the party to donate pocket constitutions to high school debate teams throughout the state.

She wants to see more involvement from our youth getting involved in Teen Age Republicans (TARS) and she really wants to improve caucus night. Shellie enjoys working with people in the party and has the time to make a difference.


  • Mark Hurd
Mark Hurd

Mark declined to be interviewed. 

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