Candidates for Salt Lake County GOP leadership (2019)

by John Mulholland

Salt Lake County chair is running unopposed but there are three good candidates for vice-chair. Their convention will be held April 13, 2019, starting with a Meet and Greet at 8:00 am at Cottonwood High School. More information can be found at Here’s some very brief information on the candidates.


  • Scott Rosenbush
Scott Rosenbush

Scott is a relative newcomer to Utah, only living here for four years but brings a wealth of experience being an elected Republican in New Jersey for 19 years, including 5 years a mayor. He has served on the Salt Lake county’s executive committee for the last several years as well. Scott believes that the current chair, Scott Miller, has done a very good job getting things back on track. He recently ran for the Utah House seat in District 24, which is overwhelmingly blue, but was unsuccessful.

When asked about why the GOP lost ground in Salt Lake County last year, Scott said there were several reasons. He saw a lot of otherwise disengaged voters turn out for initiatives like propositions 2, on cannabis. This took them by surprise. He was unsure if the infighting in the state party contributed to it. Scott is confident that those seats will be won back in a normal election cycle.

Scott ran caucus for District 24 in 2016 and saw it as a very important duty. It is a critical experience as the prime responsibility of the Vice-Chair to run it. He intends to attend all the SCC meetings, be civil, and feels that SB54 is already resolved. Scott believes that there is no excuse not to be civil. If you are talking then you aren’t listening. When asked about transparency, he said to whom? The SCC should be transparent to themselves but don’t have any set obligation beyond that. He did think it was a good idea for them to report back to their counties though.

  • Cathy Sundwall
Cathy Sundwall

Cathy is a concerned Republican who wants to see her county be more Republican. Her initial comments were about how the website was great for party business but not great at showing people why they should join the party. Cathy is from northern Utah and previously lived in Maryland which was very hostile to the few Republicans, even seeing somebody spit on a volunteer.

She feels strongly that we need help improving the party image. Cathy is a big fan of the caucus system, but not of gathering signatures. She just doesn’t see the need. If given the opportunity to serve, she wants to stay above the fray. Cathy feels like she has an outside perspective, although she did find the current state chair’s response to the censure a bit melodramatic.


  • Roderick Threats
Roderick Threats

Roderick grew up in north-east Florida in a very small town. He was a tugboat captain for 21 years and was tired of being gone so he started doing freelance IT and specialized in SQL.

Roderick has been a Republican all his life and even has a family history of it. He started at age 13 and was chair of the teenage republicans. He has been a state delegate in 3 states, including Utah. Roderick ran for council but lost in the convention.

Roderick believes that we have lost our civility and is disappointed that we lost so much in Salt Lake County. He believes in praising in public and criticizing in private. People need to get together in a big room and talk it out. The party needs to reach out to more unaffiliated voters and those on the fence. He has walked the streets and was told by people in Salt Lake that they had never seen Republicans do that. They did see Democrats going door to door though. He is worried that the people are being led down a path to collectivism.

Roderick would support a full repeal of SB54 and would support another lawsuit, if funded by a large group, but feels that selling control over the lawsuit to one big donor wasn’t conservative. He does feel the caucus system is broken though. Roderick loves to see neighbors involved but with low turnout the system becomes rigged. He is definitely against people taking both paths though.

When asked about transparency he said that the SCC would report back to the counties in Florida until the progressives took over.

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